Jeti Studio Software Free Download

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors.

This program is a great way to see your Data Logs and Telemetry information displayed directly on your computer screen, and if your anything like me, that means a larger-than-life display!

It also runs a transmitter emulator for programing directly from your computer. Since it looks like your transmitter screen, no need to learn a new program, it’s already what you are accustomed to!

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Jeti Radio System Labor Day Sale

Ah, Labor Day. The day we celebrate how hard we work. The day we reflect on summer’s past. The day we save money. Take advantage of these great Labor Day Sales! Right now, for a limited time, purchase from Esprit Tech any DS-14 Diablo, DS-16, or DC-16 radio and receive a FREE Jeti R3 or R7 receiver!

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Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program

We get it. Changing systems can be a daunting and an expensive task. That’s why we are here to help. Take advantage of Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program. All of us here are so convinced that you will love the Jeti System, we will even help you switch over. To do that, we are going to buy back your current Futaba, or Spektrum/JR*DSMX receiver at 50% – that is HALF – of current retail value.

Here is how it works:

Send us (with the RMA form found at the link below) your current model receiver and a brief note letting us know it is for the Trade Up Program. Once we receive it here, we will test it. After testing you will be issued a Gift Certificate of half current retail price for you to use on your Jeti receiver purchase. You can find the RMA form here: RETURNS

Eligible receivers: AR12120, AR12020, 9310, 9110, 9020, 8000, 6210, 610, 400
Eligible receivers: Futaba R2006, R2008SB, R6008/6014HS, R617FS, R6206SBW, R6208SB, R7003/7008SB

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any receiver. Must be current model and in clean/working condition.

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Store Display Jeti Transmitters!!!

Get them while they are still here! Head to Esprit Tech for great deals on these store display Jeti Transmitters. These transmitters are in great condition and offer an amazing price. Some have upgrades already pre-installed. Check them out on Esprit’s website now, they wont last long!

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Team Jeti From EXFC 2017

The EXFC Competition is an international competition in RC Semi-Scale Aerobatics “dancing” along side the pilot’s special tunes! This amazing contest brings pilots from all over the world to one place. Participants have 4 minutes to wow the judges with their skills, and there is a maximum of up to 50 participants (or 40 if so deemed by organizers). Check out “Team Jeti” at this year’s competition!

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*Photo Credit – ‏Mohammed Alosaimi

DS-24 Available For Pre-Order

What’s not to love about a transmitter that sports a full color, high contrast backlit LCD display, gimbals with built in haptic feedback, and voice activated functions? Not to mention the dual band, tripple redundant saftey of the Jeti system, an elegant design, and real time telemetry feedback. These are just some of the amazing features the Jeti DC and DS-24 transmitters offer. It’s not to late to get yours! Pre-Orders for the brand new DS-24 are still available.

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Jeti Take Over!!!

It was one of those days at Greg’s airfield the other day. Read what he told us on Facebook!

“Jeti kind-of-day at the AMA…4 guys flying…3 Jeti and a lone Futaba.

Never underestimate the power of Jeti, in large or small groups!

Photo Credit: Greg

2017 Jeti Model Meeting

Another Jeti Model Meeting has come and gone. If you didn’t get over to Czech Heaven, take a look at what was there. Follow the link to view Hepf Modellbau’s Facebook album.

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Photos shared from Hepf Modellbau’s Facebook Album

National Aviation Day 2017

Today is National Aviation Day! How will you celebrate Aviation? In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an entire day to the development of aviation. August 19th, the date picked by Roosevelt was decided upon because it is Orville Wright’s (of the Wright Brothers) birthday. Their contributions to flight set the foundation to Aviation as we know it.

So, grab your Jeti (or whatever you may fly), your favorite model, and go give aviation one – or two – giant thumbs up!

Here are some more ideas on how to celebrate by NASA.

Winter Is Coming….

With fall and winter quickly approaching and the temperatures dropping, flying outdoors can become unappealing. Jeti USA gives us one more helpful tool with these warm Jeti Winter Jackets. Now, the cold can be a problem of the past!

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