On The Bench – Opale 2 for 1on Jeti

Opale and Jeti go together like peas and carrots! Take a look at how well they look together.

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  • Jeti DS-16 Carbon
  • Opale Paramodels Oxy 5 w/ Tom and XL Trike
  • Opale Paramodels Oxy 0.5 w/XXS2 Backpack

Video Release – Jeti Shorts: Jeti FM Radio, Games & Microphone (What The Hell?)

Watch this Jeti Short to see some of the awesome features of the DC/DS-24 Transmitters.

All Ready To Go!

We are officially all packed and ready for the Weak Signals Toledo Show! Come see us in booths 162 and 163 from Friday to Sunday.  Catch a look at the new Jeti receivers with the assist feature as well as the new DC/DS-24 Transmitters. It is going to be quite cold up there for us Floridians, so we made sure to bring our jackets to keep us warm on the outside, and the Becherovka to warm us on the inside! Hope to see you there!

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Carry Your Transmitter Anywhere w/Ease!

Jeti USA now offers a Handle to help you carry your Jeti Transmitter. Sometimes you just need a better grip on things, and now that is possible with the new Handle. Simply install it into your transmitter brackets!  Available for DS and DC series transmitters. Works on the Transmitter Trays w/Brackets too!

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Custom Etched Backplate

There are many ways to customize your Jeti Transmitter. Some are offered by Jeti, some have been done privately. Take a look at how one customer choose to get his transmitter customized! This etching looks great, and since its not print it will last regardless of how much use you put on your transmitter.

Just simply amazing.

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Why Jeti Radios Are Awesome

What makes Jeti your favorite? For some, like Brandon Chew, it’s the cool start up features!

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Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti 2.4GHz and 900MHz Dual Band Redundancy (R3 REX 900MHz)

The DC/DS-24 offers dual frequency, triple redundant signal, and we have gotten many questions about how this works. In this video, James explains and demonstrates the use of the 900MHz R3 REX on the DC/DS-24. Take a look!

Salvador At Florida Jets!

See Salvador and his T1! This was his First Florida Jets with the T1, and it seems to have turned out quite well!

Going To The Toledo Show?

So are we! Save on shipping and let us deliver your packages to Toledo. Make a purchase by March 31st and we will Bring it with us. Select “Shipping Not Required” and place an order note in the box letting us know “Deliver at Toledo” and we will bring it with us, just stop by our booth to pick it up. For more information about the Toledo Show visit the link below.

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*Photo credit – RCGroups

Florida Jets Recap

We came, we flew, we had fun! We can’t believe Florida Jets is over already! Take a look at these great photos captured at the event from Dan Q Pham Photography!

Above photos property of Dan Q Pham Photography.


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