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Jeti Model New Mezon Pro 50 ESCs with Full Device Explorer Integration, Wireless Programming & Telemetry!!!

Esprit E105/10-20-30 Heavy Duty 5500W – 9800W Outrunner Brushless Motors w/Jeti Integrated Telemetry

When you thought it could not get any better…. It did! Introducing the newest in motor technology. Hardened steel shaft, 30mm oversize bearing, bolt-on prop adapter, integrated cooling fan and pre-installed Jeti telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality.

Memorial Day Savings!

Save BIG this Memorial Day with Esprit Tech! Purchase your favorite Jeti items and apply the coupon code (DEAL11051OFF). Select items will qualify. See the newsletter for details.

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Beta Firmware For Rex Assist – Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we will soon have the Beta Firmware for the Rex Assist receivers. Once adequate testing has been completed, this firmware update will be released to the public. We are one step closer guys! Not too much longer.

Video Release – Jeti Studio: A New Way of Data Viewing, Analyzing, Tx/Rx Programming & Updating

DC/DS Firmware Update Version 4.27

Download the newest Firmware Update! Features include:

  • Added the latest device definitions for REX Assist receivers, standard REX receivers and other devices.
  • Updated voice announcements for REX A receivers (new telemetry variables, such as Roll, Pitch, G-Force).
  • Added Swedish language (currently with English voice output).
  • DITEX telemetry support (see notes).
  • In the Timers/Sensors – Vario menu you can now create up to three independent configurations based on the switch position. You can set different e.g. climb/sink rates for each switch position. You can assign even different sensor variables.

Get the update here.

Jeti Studio V1.0.5 Released

Jeti Studio has received another upgrade! Jeti Studio’s new features include:

  • Backup and restoring of the transmitter configuration.
  • Backups management: browse and delete the backups in the JETI Studio database.
  • Log files synchronization between the transmitter and JETI Studio.
  • Transmitter update to the latest version.
  • Lua apps management: manage applications installed in the transmitter.

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line.


  • Graphical visualization of telemetry records generated by the DC/DS transmitters (*.log files) and Flight Monitor program (*.jml files)
  • Direct support for MGPS sensor and JETIBOX profi – reading log files and real-time telemetry
  • Real-time telemetry visualization
  • Device updates – you can easily update your receivers, sensors etc.
  • EX Bus devices configuration
  • Integrated DC/DS-24 transmitter emulator
  • Model profiles – every model defines a specific layout to the program. Log files are then organized in folder structure individually for each model.
  • Possibility to export the log files to several file formats: Excel, CSV, KML (for Google Earth)
  • Export charts to images
  • Units conversions for sensor values
  • Free software updates
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 and later, Linux 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.4 and later
  • Available languages: English, German, Czech, French, Italian

Graphical Visualization of Telemetry Data:

  • Charts – view several sensor values in a chart
  • On-board indicators – clear graphical interpretation of telemetry data
  • Maps – displays the flight path according to GPS coordinates
  • Data tables – view the telemetry values clearly in a spreadsheet

Download Jeti Studio Here!

Studio Time!

We are back in the studio and we are so excited to share our new video with you guys! If you have are curious about the new Jeti Assist receivers, this is a must watch!

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Jeti REX Assist Testing!

Now that FCC is finalized, we have gotten to play around with the REX Assist receivers, and boy these guys are cool! Check out this photo album of James testing the REX Assist receiver in our Multiplex StuntMaster.

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New HV Servos Coming Soon!

New from Jeti is the line of J3D and J4A Servos. These guys bring to the table high speed and high torque in an all metal aluminum cased, digital servo designed for large models. Working voltage range of 6V to 8.2V and waterproof – you cant go wrong with these! J3D “mini” size servos start at $95.00, and the J4A standard size servos starts at $150.00.

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