Incredible Flying

3D Flight with a JET!

Check out this awesome video of Markus Rummer flying a Pilot RC 1/5 scale F16 with Jeti! Watch as he employs thrust vectoring to make the impossible possible. Of course, he is running a Jeti Setup!

According to Jeti Model CZ, Mr. Rummer is running a Central Box 220 with satellite receivers, controlled by a Jeti DS-24 transmitter. They continue on in their Facebook post to say that “all control surfaces are controlled by Ditex EL3414 servos and the model is powered by a JetCat P250Pro turbine.”

Such an amazing set up! But, don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Video posted by Nasir Khan ; Original Post from Jeti Model (Facebook)

Our New 1/4 Scale L-39 Albatros Jet!

Go big or go home right? Well, we went big! Jeti USA and Esprit Tech are now the rightful owners of a beautiful CARF Models L-39 Albatros to rock the socks off you at the next jet event. This very large jet sports a 2.37m wingspan and measures almost 3m in length. The Albatros design comes from 4-time Jet World Champion Stephan Voelker and is based on all his experience with the high-end model jet technology. We are so excited for this project, we can’t wait to show you what Jeti can do with a jet! Learn more about the L-39 Albatros below, and check back often for updates on our progress!

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Wingspan: 93″ (2375mm)

Length: 119″ (3030mm)

Weight: 43 – 46 lbs. (19,5 – 21kg)