The Universal Magnetic Switch device is a dual pole electronic switch with four outputs all operated by a magnetic key (sold separately). You might wonder why this may be beneficial – well the answer is simple. Being that there are not moving parts that can wear out over time, like on a mechanically operated switch, the use of magnets offer virtually unlimited ON/OFF cycles, prolonging the life of the device.

The Universal Magnetic Switch is designed for 3.5V – 59V input and supports up to four (4) individual devices connected to the ports. Output ports are divided to Master and OPTO, both sets of ports are optically insulated from each other preventing RF interference. Each pair of the connectors has single standard and single inverted output, this setup enables you to connect and control simultaneously several Jeti devices.

The face plate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should one the devices become disconnected from the switch, the device will stay ON and switch will remember its ON/OFF state.

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