Device Explorer

Some Helpful Programming Videos

Another valuable tool with-in the Jeti Transmitter is Device Explorer. Device Explorer allows you to configure and communicate with various EX Bus devices. When in your radio, you can access Device Explorer through Main Menu > Model > Device Explorer.

Some of the things you can accomplish through device explorer include your receiver programming, receiver failsafe set-up, and channel assignments. You can also utilize the Device Explorer tool to complete the final steps when setting up dual path, or to program a power distribution box, such as the Jeti Central Box.

Check out these great videos from James for some helpful tips on how to accomplish the above tasks.

New Options within Existing Feature

Logical Switches – But Wait, There’s more!

We just released a blurb about the Logical Switch feature in our Jeti Transmitters and we realized that the video failed to touch on some of the newer options within the Logical Switch programming.

If you were to look inside the transmitter manual, you will find (pg. 107) and explanation of the AND condition, the OR condition, and the MULTI condition. What you cannot find however is an explanation of the A↑ B↓ condition and the XOR condition, so we think posting it here would be beneficial.

XOR is a standard logic function. It’s a logical “exclusive OR” function. For two given logical statements, the XOR function would return TRUE if one of the statements is true and FALSE if both statements are true. If neither of the statements are true, it also returns FALSE (see table below).

A↑ B↓ (is already a complete function): switch A turns the function on and switch B resets it (off).

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