Rick Davey’s FG-1D Corsair Skyboss

Check out this amazing video from Rick Davey showing us how he safely starts his Moki 257, 250cc, 7-cylinder, radial gas engine. The crazy thing – he starts it by hand! In addition, this video demonstrates some of the capabilities of Jeti DC-24 transmitters.

Here is what Rick says about his video:

The video demonstrates a safe method for hand starting a large gas engine. We are beginning to check out the systems of our FG-1D Corsair, Skyboss. The plane is approximately 1/4 scale, weighs 74.5 lbs. “wet,“ ready to fly. Her markings are based on the real Skyboss. Extensive research and attention to details make this FG-1D Corsair one of a kind. The plane has a Jeti radio system including a Central Box 400, two CB100 signal and power distribution modules, and four receivers with 24 channels to control all her systems. The plane has 33 servos and actuators, and is powered by four 5200 lithium ion batteries. She was painted with Klasskote paint. The Yosemite Sam nose art decal was done by Callie Graphics.

Rick Davey

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