The Importance Behind Firmware Updates

We have all heard it, maybe even said it; ” I don’t run updates because it breaks my device”. While this may be a common belief, it is simply not true.

Jeti devices were designed with upgradable firmware for a reason. That reason is so your device, be it a speed control, receiver, sensor (select sensors), central box, or transmitter, stays relevant to today’s applications. Jeti believes that your device should be able to adapt with your needs. Engineers take user feedback and make any modifications they deem necessary. These modifications can now be available to all users, past and future, through a simple download.

Firmware updates often solve problems. Many times, when new products come out, they are intended to run in a certain manner. This doesn’t always happen, especially when communicating with older devices. Most of the troubleshooting calls we get are easily solved with a quick flash of the newest firmware available. By running the most recent firmware, you not only have the newest modifications, but you are also ensuring that your devices are able to communicate each other.

It is easy to upgrade my firmware, Simply download Jeti Studio and follow along below! (@ about 3:00 minute mark)

Download Jeti Studio Here.

Remember, with the ability to upgrade the device firmware, the device can continue to provide more for the user through-out the entirety if its life, so check back often for the most recent firmware.

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