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Congratulations! Junkers JU188 Successful Maiden

Congratulations. Maiden with Jeti Duplex DC-24, CB400 and 2xCB100, iRC-Electronic Click Connect System, LiIon RX batteries and more from Hacker Motor GmbH.

Jeti Capri Blue DC-24 Transmitter

Ask about Jeti Custom Transmitters! We just got in this beautiful Capri Blue Jeti DC-24 for a customer. Call us today and see what we can make happen for you! Custom DC-24 Capri Blue $2295.00.

*Phone Number 1(508)JETIUSA

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Video Release – E-Week 2017

Take a look at what E-Week had in store for Jeti USA and Esprit Tech.

Jim’s F-15 Eagle

Jim McEwen and his new F-15 Eagle. Congratulations on a good maiden! Oh, and boy that yellow looks good! 😉

Test Drive the DC-24!

Test drive the latest in Jeti Technology – The Jeti DC-24 – complete with transmitter tray and 4-point harness. Check it out!

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Welcome To The Dark Side (Or In This Case Red)

Look who has crossed over to the Jeti side! Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti, Pablo. We know it will be everything you hope and then some.

Jeti USA Visits BVM

Last week Jeti USA took a trip to Winter Springs, Florida to visit our friends at BVM (Bob Violett Models). Check out the photos from our visit. Thank you for having us, even Charlie made friends with Dixie!

Name That Movie!

Are you looking to add your favorite movie soundbites to your Jeti? Check out Moviewavs.com for cool 8bit, 11khz, wave files that you can add to your audio files for some real fun!

Get them here!


Bring Your Transmitter To Your Computer Screen!

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. You can also program your Transmitter directly from your computer! The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line. Download it now!

Download it here.



DC-24 – The First Ones Have Arrived!

Take a look at the DC-24 Carbon Color Line of Transmitters that arrived. What beauties. This process has been a long one, and we are very excited to be this close to finishing. They are here and waiting to ship. If you haven’t gotten one yet, go ahead and get on the list! Place your order today and guarantee yourself one when they are ready to ship!

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DC-24 Carbon Colors (SM)



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