Keeping Up With Updates

The Importance Behind Firmware Updates

We have all heard it, maybe even said it; ” I don’t run updates because it breaks my device”. While this may be a common belief, it is simply not true.

Jeti devices were designed with upgradable firmware for a reason. That reason is so your device, be it a speed control, receiver, sensor (select sensors), central box, or transmitter, stays relevant to today’s applications. Jeti believes that your device should be able to adapt with your needs. Engineers take user feedback and make any modifications they deem necessary. These modifications can now be available to all users, past and future, through a simple download.

Firmware updates often solve problems. Many times, when new products come out, they are intended to run in a certain manner. This doesn’t always happen, especially when communicating with older devices. Most of the troubleshooting calls we get are easily solved with a quick flash of the newest firmware available. By running the most recent firmware, you not only have the newest modifications, but you are also ensuring that your devices are able to communicate each other.

It is easy to upgrade my firmware, Simply download Jeti Studio and follow along below! (@ about 3:00 minute mark)

Download Jeti Studio Here.

Remember, with the ability to upgrade the device firmware, the device can continue to provide more for the user through-out the entirety if its life, so check back often for the most recent firmware.

Device Explorer

Some Helpful Programming Videos

Another valuable tool with-in the Jeti Transmitter is Device Explorer. Device Explorer allows you to configure and communicate with various EX Bus devices. When in your radio, you can access Device Explorer through Main Menu > Model > Device Explorer.

Some of the things you can accomplish through device explorer include your receiver programming, receiver failsafe set-up, and channel assignments. You can also utilize the Device Explorer tool to complete the final steps when setting up dual path, or to program a power distribution box, such as the Jeti Central Box.

Check out these great videos from James for some helpful tips on how to accomplish the above tasks.

Fail Safes – What and Why

The Importance of Fail Safes

We discussed last week how the 900mhz backup feature is a highly recommended, under utilized feature, but we also want to talk about another feature that gets overlooked. With Jeti, as with most systems, you have the ability to set up a fail safe on your receiver. Fail Safe is a feature that tells your aircraft what to do in the case of a communication loss. This is important, because a communication loss can be catastrophic and cause an aircraft to do unexpected things. When you lose control of your aircraft, people can get hurt, and all of us want to avoid that scenario. To prevent such a series of events, you can set up a fail safe to carry out a specific task, like turning off your motor, in case of a communication loss. While this seems like a natural thing to do, many pilots are so excited to get a new model finished, this step is often overlooked. It can be the difference between a minor scare and a really bad day. Don’t forget to test the failsafe before you get to the field as you want to make sure it is functioning before you need it.

Check out this video on how to set up your fail safe.

Congratulations Are In Order

World Wide Winners

With spring weather comes competitions – all over the world! Jeti USA would like to congratulate Andrea Cervi for his first win at the F3A Italian Championship. One down – two more to go! Andrea competed with the Jeti DS-24 and the Jeti Mezon Pro EVO series ESC.

Jeti team pilot Alex Tang also recently took home a win at the SCSA Open 2023 Spring competition. He competed in the F3K category and walked away with second place! Congratulations Alex!

Jeti USA is excited to see happy Jeti users all over the world. Keep flying guys! Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck this year!

*Photo Credit: Jeti Model (Facebook)

John’s Seagull Models Ercoupe

Another Awesome Maiden Flight!

Jeti user John D. got to maiden his Seagull Models Ercoupe last weekend, and by all reports it flew great!

The Ercoupe model is built with balsa and plywood, allowing it to be sturdy and light. It has a wingspan of over eight feet and is over five feet long! On this particular model, John is running a REX12 Assist receiver, 900mHz backup receiver and R3/RSW double path redundancy, an Elite 35cc electric motor, Mezon EVO 85HV ESC, 12s battery set up, Fiala 20×8 prop and Promodeler servos.

Check out his photos below!

Fesbraer 2023

Great News From Brazil!

The Fesbraer Event was a flying success! Pictured below is JetiBrazil’s flight team, their arsenal of Jeti products, and their Elite Aerosport fleet. Front and center is Jeti pilot Aaron Zwaretsch, whom we featured earlier this month.

We are happy to hear that the event went well and that the crowd loved those Jeti shades! What an amazing photo. Thank you Oscar!

Special Edition DS-12

Back For a Limited Time!

You guys spoke, and we listened! The Special Edition Combat Gray DS-12 is back for a limited time! Made only for the USA market!

The New Special Edition Jeti DS-12 Carbon Gray radio system features a carbon fiber front plate, black metal hall sensor gimbals and metal control buttons. Package includes the transmitter, an aluminum case, and a Duplex R9 Receiver.

Get it before its gone!