Another Happy Jeti User!

We are always happy to see the photos of your beautiful aircraft. Take a look at the breathtaking models from Rafael.

The first is a 105.5″ Slick 580 EXP and the second is an Edge 540 Demonstrator. Both airframes are equip with a Jeti Central Box 200, Desert Aircraft 120, MKS X8 HBL 380 servos and are controlled with the brand new Jeti DS-24.

Good looking machines Rafael!

Outside The Box w/DJI Phantom

There are many loves in this hobby, and sometimes companies do not make it easy to intermingle them. That fact did not stop one RC enthusiast who goes by the name rotortalk on Rotortalk decided to outfit a Phantom 2 V2 to work wirelessly on the Jeti DC-24.

Sometimes its nice to fly off-grid so I decided to reprise my Phantom 2s with Hero 4 camera and H4-3D gimbals. The challenge was to get this working with an HD digital video feed, OSD and either Jeti or FrSky radio using PPM – wirelessly (no trainer jack lead to Tx). Took a bit of figuring out.

Click the link below to see just how he figured it out!

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Jeti Tested; Pilot Approved!

This is JC. He is one of our long term customers (and we are forever thankful for his dedication). Just recently he was able to get his hands on the REX 10 Assist receiver, install it, and fly it. This is what he had to say:

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the R10 Assist on a carbon Z Eflite T28 and also on a large EDF and those things perform unbelievably awesome! Easy to set up (just 1 flight to have it fullly dailed [sic] in), and they lock in like a cortex.



Well JC, we are glad to see you are enjoying the REX 10 Assist! Thank you for the share, and the beautiful image your your aircraft!

Head down to the link below to learn more about the REX Assist relievers.

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