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Jeti Model Factory Czech Republic

Have you visited the Jeti Model? Well our good friends Manny and Danny had the opportunity to see inside and hang out with our friends at Jeti this week on their trip to the Czech Republic.


Happy Memorial Day

Jeti USA and Esprit Tech want to show our gratitude to all of those who have served our country and take a moment to honor those we have lost. Thank you for your dedication. Happy Memorial Day.

Amazon Store Upgrade

Amazon lover? So are we. Get all your Jeti USA needs fulfilled from our Amazon store, which is also getting a fresh new look!

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Help Is Just A Click Away!

Late night programming question? Something weird happening at the field? We can help – but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until the next work day for help. Reach out on the RC Groups Jeti Radio forum. Not only are our techs browsing and answering questions, you may just run into someone with the same experience as you!

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Another Happy Jeti User!

We are always happy to see the photos of your beautiful aircraft. Take a look at the breathtaking models from Rafael.

The first is a 105.5″ Slick 580 EXP and the second is an Edge 540 Demonstrator. Both airframes are equip with a Jeti Central Box 200, Desert Aircraft 120, MKS X8 HBL 380 servos and are controlled with the brand new Jeti DS-24.

Good looking machines Rafael!

Outside The Box w/DJI Phantom

There are many loves in this hobby, and sometimes companies do not make it easy to intermingle them. That fact did not stop one RC enthusiast who goes by the name rotortalk on Rotortalk decided to outfit a Phantom 2 V2 to work wirelessly on the Jeti DC-24.

Sometimes its nice to fly off-grid so I decided to reprise my Phantom 2s with Hero 4 camera and H4-3D gimbals. The challenge was to get this working with an HD digital video feed, OSD and either Jeti or FrSky radio using PPM – wirelessly (no trainer jack lead to Tx). Took a bit of figuring out.

Click the link below to see just how he figured it out!

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Jeti Tested; Pilot Approved!

This is JC. He is one of our long term customers (and we are forever thankful for his dedication). Just recently he was able to get his hands on the REX 10 Assist receiver, install it, and fly it. This is what he had to say:

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the R10 Assist on a carbon Z Eflite T28 and also on a large EDF and those things perform unbelievably awesome! Easy to set up (just 1 flight to have it fullly dailed [sic] in), and they lock in like a cortex.



Well JC, we are glad to see you are enjoying the REX 10 Assist! Thank you for the share, and the beautiful image your your aircraft!

Head down to the link below to learn more about the REX Assist relievers.

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How to Hook Up Your Jeti MUI Sensor

A truck arrives outside. DING DONG goes the door bell. Your package has arrived! You slice open the tape and slide out a box that reads “JETI Model”. Riddled with anticipation, you remove the sensor.  “Now what?” you ask yourself.

It can be intimidating when you open up your new MUI Sensor and look at the connector-less leads. What are you supposed to do with these?!? We will show you!

The MUI Sensor must be connected in parallel between your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and the battery.

First, solder the MUI leads to the positive polarity on your desired connector. We suggest a quality connector with reverse polarity protection.

Second, run one additional wire (matching the gauge to your sensor) from each of the negative polarity of your connectors.

Now you are set to plug in your sensor to your Battery and ESC. Once this is done proceed to your sensor set up!

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Jeti Model Pilot Gernot Bruckmann’s Big Piper

Check out Gernot’s 4.5M Piper Cub Clipped Wing.

[The] Piper is powered by four-piston four stroke Fiala FM 280 with [a] Fiala 38×14 propeller. Control surfaces, carburetor, and tow line release are controlled by 12 servos all connected to the Central Box 200. Piper is also equipped with Optotronix lighting and Emcotec smoke pump. Gernot uses transmitter JETI Duplex DC-24 and receivers JETI Rex 3 and RSat 2. Electric power is provided by JETI PowerIon batteries.

*Information written by Jan Bitter



New Toys, We Can Help!

Now that you made it though the holiday season and you have seen all your new toys, it’s time to tinker! Take that bad boy out of the box, and ….well, What Now? Don’t worry we have got you covered! Check out Esprit Tech’s YouTube Channel for great programing videos to help you get going. Topics cover anything from Basic Setup to full on Advanced Programing. Click the link to go to the channel.

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