Our Newest Team Members

We Grew by Two!

We have gained two new employees! Our unofficial company birds – a few Sandhill Cranes – have become parents to two more offspring. Welcome Pepe and Pipi! It is such a joy to come to work and see these little, fluffy guys (even though they won’t stay little for very long). The addition of these two, there are four other Sandhill Cranes living on/around the grounds. In about three months time, these colts will be several feet tall, and by eighteen months, they will have reached adult size.

Our Next Build?

Something New Is Brewing

Now that the OV-10 Bronco build is complete, it is time to start something else. What do you think of a little TopModel CZ, Jetec, and Jeti action? We are thinking of installing the Jetec Sailplane power launching system into our TopModel ASH 31 Mi Scale Sailplane… and of course we will be running Jeti!

John’s Seagull Models Ercoupe

Another Awesome Maiden Flight!

Jeti user John D. got to maiden his Seagull Models Ercoupe last weekend, and by all reports it flew great!

The Ercoupe model is built with balsa and plywood, allowing it to be sturdy and light. It has a wingspan of over eight feet and is over five feet long! On this particular model, John is running a REX12 Assist receiver, 900mHz backup receiver and R3/RSW double path redundancy, an Elite 35cc electric motor, Mezon EVO 85HV ESC, 12s battery set up, Fiala 20×8 prop and Promodeler servos.

Check out his photos below!

FunCubs For Sale

Time To Retire

It is that time – time to say good bye to our beloved Jeti Test Drive FunCubs. Both of these beautiful airplanes are up for sale, each being sold for $375.00 USD.

These are store demo aircraft, like NEW, only used a few times for demonstration purposes. The model is a Multiplex FunCub 55” (1400mm) Battery & Rx Ready sport aerobatic airplane equipped with motor, ESC, servos & removable battery tray. Models have been expertly built and detailed at our shop, they are no longer needed in our fleet.

Condition of item: Store Display, Only Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

What is Included:
(1) Multiplex FunCub $155.00
(1) AXi 2814/16 Brushless Motor $105.00
(1) Jeti Advance 30 ESC w/Telemetry $65.00
(4) Hitec HS-65HB Servo $100.00
(1) Prop/Motor/Battery Parts & Hardware $45.00

For an additional fee ($89.00) we can keep the Jeti R7 receiver installed.

We recommend this battery: 1800-2100mAh 3S. Find them here.

For payment we can accept PayPal or credit card. Planes are shipped Fed Ex. Shipping cost will be added based on shipping destination.

For inquires please email sales@espritmodel.com.

Rick Davey and His Nieuport 24bis

Watch Rick Test This Beautiful Scale Model

It is always cool to see what you guys (our readers, builders, and pilots) are up to. A big thanks to Mr. Rick Davey for sending us this awesome video of a test run on his recently acquired Nieuport 24bis.

The Nieuport 24bis is a 1/3 scale model that sports a 107″ wingspan and weighs 53 pounds. However, this particular model is quite impressive because it was built without any servos in the wings or tail. Instead of servos, Alan Yendle (the builder) designed the model so that the control surfaces operated through a series of cables and torque rods, as in the full-scale version. As Mr. Davey also explained, this aircraft is rather unique. The original, full-scale aircraft flew for the first time in 1917, but would never make it into service. The design was flawed and needed a tail from the Nieuport 17 to fly correctly – hence the “bis” designation after the name. “Bis” indicated “diversion or change”. Once the issue was solved, the aircraft went into service under the name Nieuport 24.

You can see more details about Alan’s build on RC Scale Builder.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Davey has set up inside! Of course, he trusts his Nieuport to Jeti (we knew that), but you might be wondering “what exactly does he use?” Well, we found out! He flies a DC-24 transmitter, which you can see (and hear) in the video. Currently, he runs four Jeti receivers in conjunction with a Central Box 320. His primary receiver is a Jeti R12 REX Assist, a standard R12 as a backup, an R3 REX 900 as his 900mhz failsafe, and an R3/RSW used as a wireless switch. The receivers are powered by two Jeti Ion 5200mAh battery packs. The engine is a Moki 250cc engine, pumped with a Hacker fuel pump regulated to 30% output with overflow. The fuel system is finished with a Rotoflo tank and a servo on the choke. He runs Jeti and Hacker servos where servos are needed, has a custom propeller from Seidel Props, and a pilot (Andre) from Axel Scale Pilots.

Check out what Mr. Davey has to say about the video and his Jeti DC-24 System.

I wanted to show in the video how I hand start a COLD Moki 250cc engine, and to showcase the Jeti radio I fly, a DC-24, especially the “sound on events” feature. Announcing the actions of the switches is a significant safety feature. No time to have a senior moment, I’m 75. When you fly several complicated planes with the same radio, switches often have different functions, depending on the model. It’s a great double check, a refresher, and coupled with the PreFlight feature in the radio, makes things much safer.

Rick Davey

Trust In Us

Our Large Windex Runs on Jeti System

The Windex 1200C is a powered sailplane for amateurs construction build by WINDEXAIR AB. Windex 1200c is primarily a high-performance sailplane, but its unique concept with a low-drag fin-mounted engine installation and a variable-pitch propeller turns it also into an efficient touring aircraft with a cruising speed of 210km/h (130 mph). In addition to this the airframe of Windex 1200C is designed for aerobatic routine. The model is very well reproduced and belongs into the super scale class, with its outstanding cockpit interior, beautiful gel-coated finish and excellent flying characteristics. Flying is just amazing due to the acceptable wing loading, it thermals well without any bad behavior and smooth and predictable handling.

But, what are we running in it?!? Jeti of course! We have no worry when it comes to this guy. Jeti’s redundancy gives us that piece of mind we need to focus on our flying. Check it out.

Power & RC/Telemetry System
Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti R10 REX 2.4GHz Receiver
Jeti MUI 75 Voltage/Current/Capacity Sensor
Jeti MVario2 Variometer & Altimeter Sensor
Jeti SBEC 5-8V/12A Voltage Regulator
Jeti AXi 4120/20 Brushless Motor
Jeti Spin Pro 99 Brushless ESC
Jeti Pro Power 5000mAh 6S Battery Pack
APC 14×10 Propeller


Wingspan: 161.5″ (4100mm)
Length:  67″ (1700mm)
Weight:  16.5 lbs. (7040-7500g)
Airfoil:  HQ 1.5/15-1/12
Wing Area: 
1145 sq.in. (74 sg.dm)

30 Years In The Biz’

Jeti Model Turns Thirty!

Artwork/Photo by Jeti Model Cz

This year Jeti Model is celebrating it’s thirtieth year in business. After being in this industry for so long, you tend to get things right – and that is exactly what Jeti Model does. We could not be more proud to serve as the US importer for all things Jeti. Here’s to another thirty years! Head over to Facebook and give Jeti Model (and Jeti USA) a follow if you haven’t already and keep up with the journey!

Follow them here: Jeti Model

Follow us here: Jeti USA


When a product isn’t working as you expect it to, it can be extremely frustrating. We hope we can help clarify what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.


I changed my mind/ or bought the wrong product. What do I do?

Eligible merchandise purchased from Esprit Tech/Model may be returned within 30 days of when you receive an order. The merchandise must be in new and unused condition and in its original packaging.

Discontinued items, items with “DNRS” in their part number, Store Demo items, Store Display items, Pre-owned items or “Close-out” items are not eligible for return.

All returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee. The restocking fee may be waived if the customer chooses a gift certificate as credit. Absolutely no returns accepted after 30 days!

I recieved an item damaged. What can I do?

Please inspect all items when you receive them!!! You must notify us about any damaged or missing items you receive within 7 business days from the date your package is delivered. No damage/missing part claims will be accepted after 7 business days. We will let you know how to proceed when you contact us.

How do I return my item?

Please head here and fill out the Return Merchandise Form. Include this form in your package and ship to:

Attn: Returns

P.O Box 360815

Melbourne, FL, 32936 USA

What happens after I ship it?

Once we receive the package, we will inspect the product and process the return. Please allow a few days for processing. If we need to reach out, we will contact you though the information provided on the return merchandise form.

Service and Warranty:

Esprit Tech/Model is the US warranty and service center for all of the Jeti products that are sold in USA, Canada or South & Central Americas. This means that if you have an issue with any Jeti item purchased through us or any of our dealers you should contact us directly to resolve the issue. All Jeti Transmitters, Receivers, Sensors, and Motors have a 24 month limited warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer and material defects. There is no partial warranty against damage or abuse. For details, refer to the item’s user manual.

I purchased this item and it is not working like it is supposed to. What can I do?

Contact us directly! We will let you know how to proceed on a case by case basis.

If you ship any of the Jeti items directly to the manufacturer in the Czech Republic without letting us know, and without following the proper return procedure, there is nothing we can do to help you.

I crashed this and need service, can you help?

Unfortunately no. Warranty only covers manufacture and material defects, and we have no way to ensure integrity of crashed items. The best decision is to replace the item.

We Can Help

Got Questions?

We have answers – presented to you in a simple to read format!

Introducing the Jeti DS-12 website. Our idea behind launching this additional website was to help users understand and compare our Jeti Products in a one-stop-shop format. This one page site brings together the DS-12 Transmitters with beautifully designed info-graphics, high quality images, helpful instructional videos, and well written descriptions to help answer many common questions. In addition, you can see the entire ensemble of Jeti products that pair well with your transmitter and model. You can even find out all you need to know about Jeti service, warranty, and returns! If you still have questions, you can choose from one of the many “contact us” options listed at the bottom of the page to get a hold of a friendly Jeti team member.

Check it out! Even the web address is easy to remember!



Store Display Opale Paramotor For Sale!

Power 2.7/3.67m Paramotor Built and Ready to Fly!

We had fun flying this guy with Jeti, but now it is time for him to retire!

Check out this store display paramotor we have just put up for sale. Expertly built in our shop, this guy is just about ready to get up in the sky!

Condition of item: Store Demo, Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

What is included:
(1) Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m $449.00
(1) Lucas Pilot w/Harness $299.00
(1) Opale Backpack L $235.00
(1) AXi 4120/18 Brushless Motor $185.00
(1) Jeti Mezon 90 Lite ESC w/Telemetry $285.00
(1) Hardware/Ballast Package $40.00
(1) Building Services $200.00

What we recommend: Jeti Pro Power Battery 4000-5000mAh 6S

Head over to the Esprit Tech website to see all the details!