Age Knowns No Bounds

Best Pilot Trophy Goes to Ten Year Old Pilot

There is no minimum age when it comes to skill sets, and Mr. Nathan Rigby surely proved that last weekend! Nathan, who just turned ten years old, won Best Pilot at the 2023 Weston Park Airshow International in the UK. A trophy for a Birthday Gift, how awesome!

Nathan flew solo in the demos for scale, aerobatic, and 3d flight both during daytime and nighttime! For the demos he flew a Hangar 9 OV-10 Bronco, powered by twin petrol Saito engines and ZDZ powered Extras, with Jeti Boxes 200 and 210. His transmitter of choice is a Jeti DS-12. Way to go Nathan (and Happy Birthday)!

*Photo and Post Credit – Jeti Model Facebook

Jeti DC-24, Moki 257, and Corsair Skyboss!

Rick Davey’s FG-1D Corsair Skyboss

Check out this amazing video from Rick Davey showing us how he safely starts his Moki 257, 250cc, 7-cylinder, radial gas engine. The crazy thing – he starts it by hand! In addition, this video demonstrates some of the capabilities of Jeti DC-24 transmitters.

Here is what Rick says about his video:

The video demonstrates a safe method for hand starting a large gas engine. We are beginning to check out the systems of our FG-1D Corsair, Skyboss. The plane is approximately 1/4 scale, weighs 74.5 lbs. “wet,“ ready to fly. Her markings are based on the real Skyboss. Extensive research and attention to details make this FG-1D Corsair one of a kind. The plane has a Jeti radio system including a Central Box 400, two CB100 signal and power distribution modules, and four receivers with 24 channels to control all her systems. The plane has 33 servos and actuators, and is powered by four 5200 lithium ion batteries. She was painted with Klasskote paint. The Yosemite Sam nose art decal was done by Callie Graphics.

Rick Davey

Jeti Model Pilot Takes Win

Congratulations are in Order for Marek Plichta!

Jeti USA would like to congratulate Jeti Model Pilot Marek Plichta for his win at the Polish IMAC Odra CUP 2023. He placed second in both the Freestyle and Unlimited categories! Jeti Model’s Facebook post says that Marek flew the Czech-made Yak 55 and Laser Z2300 models which are set up with Central Box 210s and controlled by the JETI DC-24 transmitter.

Check him out in action below!

Photo and post shared from Jeti Model Facebook; Video posted by YouTube content creator MP#95.

Incredible Flying

3D Flight with a JET!

Check out this awesome video of Markus Rummer flying a Pilot RC 1/5 scale F16 with Jeti! Watch as he employs thrust vectoring to make the impossible possible. Of course, he is running a Jeti Setup!

According to Jeti Model CZ, Mr. Rummer is running a Central Box 220 with satellite receivers, controlled by a Jeti DS-24 transmitter. They continue on in their Facebook post to say that “all control surfaces are controlled by Ditex EL3414 servos and the model is powered by a JetCat P250Pro turbine.”

Such an amazing set up! But, don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Video posted by Nasir Khan ; Original Post from Jeti Model (Facebook)

Congratulations Are In Order

World Wide Winners

With spring weather comes competitions – all over the world! Jeti USA would like to congratulate Andrea Cervi for his first win at the F3A Italian Championship. One down – two more to go! Andrea competed with the Jeti DS-24 and the Jeti Mezon Pro EVO series ESC.

Jeti team pilot Alex Tang also recently took home a win at the SCSA Open 2023 Spring competition. He competed in the F3K category and walked away with second place! Congratulations Alex!

Jeti USA is excited to see happy Jeti users all over the world. Keep flying guys! Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck this year!

*Photo Credit: Jeti Model (Facebook)

Fesbraer 2023

Great News From Brazil!

The Fesbraer Event was a flying success! Pictured below is JetiBrazil’s flight team, their arsenal of Jeti products, and their Elite Aerosport fleet. Front and center is Jeti pilot Aaron Zwaretsch, whom we featured earlier this month.

We are happy to hear that the event went well and that the crowd loved those Jeti shades! What an amazing photo. Thank you Oscar!

Kasi’s Flight Log

Entry: Day Three – The Pit

04/18/2023: Finally, I had some time to take my third flying lesson. The goal today was to try to keep the FW330 over our fire pit. It seemed like an easy task, being that I was easily hovering over the grass, but once I tried to keep it over the fire pit, I felt as though I was all over the place! At one point, James set it down and we thought we broke a prop! We didn’t thankfully, it was just a piece of charred wood. Weather was decent. There was some wind, but not too terrible, and in true Florida fashion it was hot and sunny – so sunny that my eyes kept watering! I can tell you, it is not easy to see your aircraft when you are crying, LOL.

James also had me turn the multi-rotor 90 degrees and play around with a different orientation. That experience was interesting to say the least. I played around a bit with figuring out what directions I needed to move the sticks to get it to go where I wanted. My biggest issue was the lag time between when I moved a stick and when I expected the Flame Wheel to move. Overall, today was a great flying day!