Transmitter Comparison

Side By Side Comparison of Jeti USA Transmitters

With so many transmitters released, there are bound to be questions about the differences. We have many compression charts between each radio, and compressions between Gen 1 and Gen 2, but it can get convoluted. Here are the differences, just simplified.

Gen 1 to Gen 2 (DS-14/DS-16):

The main differences between the Generation One (G1) and Generation Two (G2) transmitters lie in the color screen and 900MHz capabilities, which are both offered with the G2. The G2 DS-14 comes with active accelerometers, where as the G1 offers it as an upgrade, and the G2 DS-16 comes with the ability to upgrade modules, where those were not part of the original G1 DS-16 design.

When comparing each model, there are differences when it comes to materials used, number of control inputs, and to what extent the transmitters can be upgraded (purchased modules).

Check out this simple chart for an overview of the differences.