New Addition to Our Line of Elite Motors

Just Added, Built in Telemetry

The new Esprit Elite HD Outrunners have a built in telemetry sensor to measure the core temperature of the motor. They are offered in 30cc, 35cc, and 40cc equivalents. Get the telemetry in real time on your Jeti Transmitter screen!

Elite series motors are the culmination of years spent designing and testing in extreme environments. Motors feature hardened steel shafts, built in fans, and a large radial bearing designed to carry the load placed on the open end of the rotor. Elite T125 (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2) micro telemetry sensor is installed in the motor to measure core temperature. These features, combined with an easy to maintain and repair design, promise years of worry free use.

Head on over to the site and check them out!

John’s Seagull Models Ercoupe

Another Awesome Maiden Flight!

Jeti user John D. got to maiden his Seagull Models Ercoupe last weekend, and by all reports it flew great!

The Ercoupe model is built with balsa and plywood, allowing it to be sturdy and light. It has a wingspan of over eight feet and is over five feet long! On this particular model, John is running a REX12 Assist receiver, 900mHz backup receiver and R3/RSW double path redundancy, an Elite 35cc electric motor, Mezon EVO 85HV ESC, 12s battery set up, Fiala 20×8 prop and Promodeler servos.

Check out his photos below!

Fesbraer 2023

Great News From Brazil!

The Fesbraer Event was a flying success! Pictured below is JetiBrazil’s flight team, their arsenal of Jeti products, and their Elite Aerosport fleet. Front and center is Jeti pilot Aaron Zwaretsch, whom we featured earlier this month.

We are happy to hear that the event went well and that the crowd loved those Jeti shades! What an amazing photo. Thank you Oscar!

With a Simple Flip of a Switch!

Now, you can effortlessly turn on and off your RC model with a flip of a switch!

Introducing the Elite Falcon line of ESCs. These new Opto and SBEC speed controllers bring to the table revolutionary design, system upgradability, state of the art telemetry capabilities, and the ability to use a magnetic, touch, or wireless switch to turn on and off your model.

The Falcon product line represents advanced speed controllers for exclusive use in airplanes, drones, sailplanes or any kind of radio control application. With integrated telemetry and various possibilities of optional user configuration, the controllers offer high efficiency, low weight and precise motor control. The telemetry system in the Elite Falcon ESC lets you monitor in real time the Amperage (Amp), Voltage (V), and Capacity (mAh) consumed from the battery, ESC even calculates Power (W) output of the system. You can also measure the ESC Temperature and add external Motor Temperature and Propeller Positioning sensors. The Elite Falcon line of Brushless ESCs adds another revolutionary feature utilizing Backup Battery Integration. We have created a more robust hardware platform including increased cooling capability, smaller overall packaging, and selectable sensitivity to allow you to use any brushless motor that you choose. No matter which size you choose, the Elite Falcon series brushless speed controllers are right for your next project.

Learn more here.