FunCubs For Sale

Time To Retire

It is that time – time to say good bye to our beloved Jeti Test Drive FunCubs. Both of these beautiful airplanes are up for sale, each being sold for $375.00 USD.

These are store demo aircraft, like NEW, only used a few times for demonstration purposes. The model is a Multiplex FunCub 55” (1400mm) Battery & Rx Ready sport aerobatic airplane equipped with motor, ESC, servos & removable battery tray. Models have been expertly built and detailed at our shop, they are no longer needed in our fleet.

Condition of item: Store Display, Only Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

What is Included:
(1) Multiplex FunCub $155.00
(1) AXi 2814/16 Brushless Motor $105.00
(1) Jeti Advance 30 ESC w/Telemetry $65.00
(4) Hitec HS-65HB Servo $100.00
(1) Prop/Motor/Battery Parts & Hardware $45.00

For an additional fee ($89.00) we can keep the Jeti R7 receiver installed.

We recommend this battery: 1800-2100mAh 3S. Find them here.

For payment we can accept PayPal or credit card. Planes are shipped Fed Ex. Shipping cost will be added based on shipping destination.

For inquires please email

Rick Davey and His Nieuport 24bis

Watch Rick Test This Beautiful Scale Model

It is always cool to see what you guys (our readers, builders, and pilots) are up to. A big thanks to Mr. Rick Davey for sending us this awesome video of a test run on his recently acquired Nieuport 24bis.

The Nieuport 24bis is a 1/3 scale model that sports a 107″ wingspan and weighs 53 pounds. However, this particular model is quite impressive because it was built without any servos in the wings or tail. Instead of servos, Alan Yendle (the builder) designed the model so that the control surfaces operated through a series of cables and torque rods, as in the full-scale version. As Mr. Davey also explained, this aircraft is rather unique. The original, full-scale aircraft flew for the first time in 1917, but would never make it into service. The design was flawed and needed a tail from the Nieuport 17 to fly correctly – hence the “bis” designation after the name. “Bis” indicated “diversion or change”. Once the issue was solved, the aircraft went into service under the name Nieuport 24.

You can see more details about Alan’s build on RC Scale Builder.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Davey has set up inside! Of course, he trusts his Nieuport to Jeti (we knew that), but you might be wondering “what exactly does he use?” Well, we found out! He flies a DC-24 transmitter, which you can see (and hear) in the video. Currently, he runs four Jeti receivers in conjunction with a Central Box 320. His primary receiver is a Jeti R12 REX Assist, a standard R12 as a backup, an R3 REX 900 as his 900mhz failsafe, and an R3/RSW used as a wireless switch. The receivers are powered by two Jeti Ion 5200mAh battery packs. The engine is a Moki 250cc engine, pumped with a Hacker fuel pump regulated to 30% output with overflow. The fuel system is finished with a Rotoflo tank and a servo on the choke. He runs Jeti and Hacker servos where servos are needed, has a custom propeller from Seidel Props, and a pilot (Andre) from Axel Scale Pilots.

Check out what Mr. Davey has to say about the video and his Jeti DC-24 System.

I wanted to show in the video how I hand start a COLD Moki 250cc engine, and to showcase the Jeti radio I fly, a DC-24, especially the “sound on events” feature. Announcing the actions of the switches is a significant safety feature. No time to have a senior moment, I’m 75. When you fly several complicated planes with the same radio, switches often have different functions, depending on the model. It’s a great double check, a refresher, and coupled with the PreFlight feature in the radio, makes things much safer.

Rick Davey