Our Next Build?

Something New Is Brewing

Now that the OV-10 Bronco build is complete, it is time to start something else. What do you think of a little TopModel CZ, Jetec, and Jeti action? We are thinking of installing the Jetec Sailplane power launching system into our TopModel ASH 31 Mi Scale Sailplane… and of course we will be running Jeti!

Trust In Us

Our Large Windex Runs on Jeti System

The Windex 1200C is a powered sailplane for amateurs construction build by WINDEXAIR AB. Windex 1200c is primarily a high-performance sailplane, but its unique concept with a low-drag fin-mounted engine installation and a variable-pitch propeller turns it also into an efficient touring aircraft with a cruising speed of 210km/h (130 mph). In addition to this the airframe of Windex 1200C is designed for aerobatic routine. The model is very well reproduced and belongs into the super scale class, with its outstanding cockpit interior, beautiful gel-coated finish and excellent flying characteristics. Flying is just amazing due to the acceptable wing loading, it thermals well without any bad behavior and smooth and predictable handling.

But, what are we running in it?!? Jeti of course! We have no worry when it comes to this guy. Jeti’s redundancy gives us that piece of mind we need to focus on our flying. Check it out.

Power & RC/Telemetry System
Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti R10 REX 2.4GHz Receiver
Jeti MUI 75 Voltage/Current/Capacity Sensor
Jeti MVario2 Variometer & Altimeter Sensor
Jeti SBEC 5-8V/12A Voltage Regulator
Jeti AXi 4120/20 Brushless Motor
Jeti Spin Pro 99 Brushless ESC
Jeti Pro Power 5000mAh 6S Battery Pack
APC 14×10 Propeller


Wingspan: 161.5″ (4100mm)
Length:  67″ (1700mm)
Weight:  16.5 lbs. (7040-7500g)
Airfoil:  HQ 1.5/15-1/12
Wing Area: 
1145 sq.in. (74 sg.dm)