Video Release – E-Week 2017

Take a look at what E-Week had in store for Jeti USA and Esprit Tech.

The Jeti DS-24 Have Arrived!

The Jeti DS-24 masterpieces have arrived! Production units have arrived to our shop and are awaiting final FCC permissions. Hold tight, we are in the home stretch! In the meanwhile, check out the updated product pages!

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New From Jeti Model – REX ASSIST Receivers

We are excited to welcome the design of the new REX ASSIST receivers! The REX A series enhance the REX series of receivers by adding the intelligent flight stabilization feature, which is designed for airplane models and multicopters. This stabilization works in all three axes of the model and facilitates flying in windy or otherwise challenging conditions. Aerobatic maneuvers will be more accurate and smoother. With the help of several flight modes, which are also suitable for beginner pilots, flying practice will be really easy.

The REX A receivers are compatible with all existing 2.4GHz Duplex Tx modules and DC/DS transmitters. You can set them directly via DC/DS transmitters, alternatively you can use the USBa adapter and JETI Studio software (free download at The receivers provide internal telemetry (e.g., receiver quality, inertial unit status and G-force level). They also process telemetry from external sensors compatible with Duplex EX or EX Bus. In order to stabilize the airplane model effectively in flight, it is appropriate to equip the model with high speed digital servos. Stabilization is also suitable for combustion engine models.

 Features Include:

  • Up to 16 stabilized airplane channels
  •  Support for different multicopter types from tricopters to octocopters
  •  Up to 3 adjustable flight modes, options for stabilizing the horizon and altitude
  •  In-flight gain tuning using free channels
  •  Using the latest 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometric altimeter
  •  Support for external ultrasonic altimeter
  •  Support for LED strip consisting of WS2812 chips
  •  Support for external camera gimbal driven by servos
  •  Intelligent fail-safe
  •  Vibration analysis
  •  Full set-up options with DC/DS transmitters or via PC
  •  Available telemetry: Receiver voltage, signal quality, G-force, attitude orientation
  •  Support of telemetry and up to 3 sensors connected directly

Prices are expected to be around $145(R7 REX Assist), $175(R10 REX Assist), and $195(R12 REX Assist).

Congratulations Matt!

Matt Griffitt places 3rd place in “Advanced” at the Senior Pattern Masters competition.

Thanks to you guys I took 3rd place at the senior pattern  masters. Jeti batteries are awesome. MKS Servos, Jeti , and Graupner – Thank you all.

R3 REX 900MHz Will Start Shipping!

We would like to announce that on October 13th 2017, the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada, Granted Equipment Authorization (FCC), and Certificate of Acceptance (IC) to Jeti USA (Esprit Model Inc.) for the Jeti R3 REX 900MHz Receiver.

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Do You Have Jeti Spirit?!?

We want to see it! Upload your favorite photo showcasing your “Jeti Spirit” to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to walk off with a $25 gift certificate.  Share it with your friends to gain more votes! The upload with the highest number of votes on the 30th of each month will win!

Head on over to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win!

*Jeti USA and Esprit Tech have the right to terminate this promotion at any time.


Which Jeti Receiver Do I Need?

As time passes, technology advances and hobby needs change. What works for one device may no longer meet the needs of newer and upcoming devices. In turn you get stuck with a long list of “Which does What” parts and a seemingly deathly migraine. Well, we think we can help – at least on the Jeti receiver side of things.  Keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of Jeti Duplex receivers, and what they have to offer.

New HV Servos Coming Soon!

New from Jeti is the line of J3D and J4A Servos. These guys bring to the table high speed and high torque in an all metal aluminum cased, digital servo designed for large models. Working voltage range of 6V to 8.2V and waterproof – you cant go wrong with these! J3D “mini” size servos start at $95.00, and the J4A standard size servos starts at $150.00.

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Video Release – Advanced Programming: Sequencer (Gear Door Setup)

In this video, James explains what a sequencer is, how it operates, and shows you an example. You will see how he uses a sequencer to utilize gear doors.

Coming Soon from AXi – The 5360 and 5345 w/Integrated Telemetry

Introducing our newest addition to AXi 3D Extreme series brushless Motors, the 5345 and 5360 Series. These motors offer integrated telemetry to your Jeti Duplex transmitter and a special steel shaft – providing that extra strength you need for all your extreme flights! Prices will start around $345.00 for the 5345 and $390.00 for the 5360. Check out the specs below!

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