CB400 – Oh The Possibilities

The Central Box 400 by Jeti is an amazing device that opens up the door to so many great power distribution options. it is a fully programmable switchboard with two (2) independent stabilized power voltage regulators designed for complete power and signal management of servos with emphasis on safety. When used with Jeti’s line of transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box 400 can be unleashed. Find out more of the features and specs from Jeti USA’s product page in the link below. 

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Mohammed In Germany

Check out this awesome, short video of friends Mohammed Alosaimi and Robin Trumpp flying at the field in MFC Untermünkheim Germany.

GIANT Scale Akrobat Special – Flown On Jeti

Take a look at this giant, and I mean GIANT scale Akrobat Special. This airplane is 58% Scale. It runs on a ZDZ 420CC twin cylinder inline engine. It weighs in at a whopping 216 pounds and has a wingspan of 14.75 feet!! Best part is, it is flown on Jeti equipment.

Check out the article from Model Airplane News below.

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*Video Credit to RCMediaWorld


Back On The Sticks!

This is what we love to see! Take a look at Larry as he gets back to the field.

“I’m finally out flying again. Here’s me wearing the shirt with my turbo-prop AND winning BEST OF SHOW even. ”

It’s awesome to see our guys getting back to the sticks, it’s even better to see them go home with a trophy!

Irma’s Aftermath and Clean Up

We have made it through the scary part, now it’s the hard part. Take a look at these photos of the Irma clean up from this week!

Production Has Started!!!

We are happy to announce that production has started on the Jeti DS-24 transmitters! Get your name on the waiting list for 2017’s Best New RC Product* by pre-ordering yours today. We expect them to start shipping out very soon!

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*Jeti DS-24 and DC-24 rated “Best New RC Product” @ SEFF 2017.

Hurricane Irma Update

We are back! As of today, Tuesday September 12th, 2017 we are up-and running as normal. Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Thank you,

Esprit Team and Jeti USA

Esprit’s YouTube Is Where It’s At!

If you need programming help, check out your one-stop Jeti school on Esprit Tech’s YouTube Channel. See tutorials ranging from Product Informational videos, to Advance Programming videos. Check it out!

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Ready For IRMA!

We are all hunkered down and ready for IRMA! Stay safe fellow Floridians, and don’t forget your fur babies (And yes we have boarded up)!

Hurricane IRMA Release

Esprit Tech and Jeti USA want to take a moment to talk about Hurricane IRMA, the potential effects, and what that will mean. As of now, the storm could impact us directly. Even without a direct hit, there is a still chance we may have some impact, although to what extent is not yet known. As the Governor stated we are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. At this moment we will not be in the office Friday, September 8th, 2017 through Monday, September  11th, 2017 and plan to return on Tuesday, September 12th 2017. Our website will still be up and running, and you may always send emails to us at support@esprittech.com. We will answer them as quickly as we can, but we ask that you please be patient with us, as everything right now is contingent upon the weather. Please check back for more updates as they can be released. For those of you that may be impacted by the storm, stay safe and best of luck thought this storm.

Thank you,

Esprit and Jeti USA Staff

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