Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Esprit Tech and Jeti USA want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Jeti REX Assist Testing!

Now that FCC is finalized, we have gotten to play around with the REX Assist receivers, and boy these guys are cool! Check out this photo album of James testing the REX Assist receiver in our Multiplex StuntMaster.

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Jeti REX Assist Receivers – FCC APPROVED!!!

We would like to announce that on December 12th, 2017, the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada, Granted Equipment Authorization (FCC), and Certificate of Acceptance (IC) to Jeti USA (Esprit Model Inc.) for the Jeti REX Assist line of receivers.

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Our 1st Welcome Packages Are Shipping!

Are you ready?!? The first Jeti Fight Club Welcome Packages have shipped! We are excited to see this program rolling out. For more information on how to join, see the full story below.

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Come See Us At OHB!!!

Orlando Heli Blowout turns ten this year, and AeroPanda will be there in full force with Jeti for all to see! Go check out the “Largest Private Helicopter FunFly in the US” this weekend in Ocoee Florida. Click the link for more details.

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Once again Nik Johnson and Mark Watkins will be providing commentary.

Media coverage to be announced. Prizes, contests, food and fun!

Our New 1/4 Scale L-39 Albatros Jet!

Go big or go home right? Well, we went big! Jeti USA and Esprit Tech are now the rightful owners of a beautiful CARF Models L-39 Albatros to rock the socks off you at the next jet event. This very large jet sports a 2.37m wingspan and measures almost 3m in length. The Albatros design comes from 4-time Jet World Champion Stephan Voelker and is based on all his experience with the high-end model jet technology. We are so excited for this project, we can’t wait to show you what Jeti can do with a jet! Learn more about the L-39 Albatros below, and check back often for updates on our progress!

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Wingspan: 93″ (2375mm)

Length: 119″ (3030mm)

Weight: 43 – 46 lbs. (19,5 – 21kg)


New Universal Motor Mount for AXi 81xx

Got one of those new AXi 3D Extreme 81xx Series Outrunner Motors? Need a way to mount it? Check out the Universal Motor Mount sold at This new two part design universal motor mount. Designed to fit the AXi 81xx Series motors, you can purchase a front plate or back plate. Don’t forget to add rods! (53xx Series rods will work)

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Jeti Care Services, Our 50% Replacement!

Esprit Tech is the North and South American warranty and service center for all of the Jeti products that are sold and supported. This means that if you have an issue with any Jeti item purchased through Esprit Tech, Jeti USA or any of the Authorized Dealers you should contact us directly to resolve the issue. All Jeti Transmitters, Receivers, Sensors, Electronic BECs, Phasor and AXi Motors have 24 month warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer and material defects. HOWEVER, like most manufacturer warranties, there is no warranty, either whole or in part, against damage or abuse.

This is where Jeti Care Services will step in!

As long as you are the member of the Jeti Fight Club, your devices* will covered under a 50% replacement warranty. If you are the original owner, and you crash, hook something up wrong, or even run it over by a car, you are able to purchase a one-time replacement for 50% of that device’s current retail price! Just remember, in order to receive the 50% replacement, we MUST have the damaged device back.

Jeti Fight Club subscription membership can be purchased at the web site.

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* Jeti Transmitters and Transmitter Accessories are Excluded
* Receiver and Power Battery Packs are Excluded

REX Assist Receivers Are Off To FCC!

There have been several inquires about the REX Assist receivers and their availability. We are excited to say that these are currently under FCC Testing, and we hope to see these become available soon. We have just received  our first shipment of them from Jeti Model and they are up on the site. Please keep in mind, if you are purchasing these and shipping to a destination in the USA or Canada, your purchase will ship upon FCC approval. All international shipments are shipping same/next day!

Learn more about the REX Assist Receivers below!

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Can’t Get Better Than This…

The Jeti Studio V1.0.6 can now configure your REX Assist receivers in the same way as with DC/DS Transmitters. With Jeti Studio, you can use your laptop or desktop to assess programing features and Data logging from a large screen(great on the eyes)! Plus, the layout makes it very user friendly. Check it out.

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