One Of A Kind

A little extra TLC can go a long way! Take a look at this DC-16 that has been customized by our customer Lewis. A nice Lapis Blue metallic paint along with a laser engraved rear panel turns traditional into remarkable!

Good News Carries Far!

When news of the transmitter bracket handles came out, we knew it would be a topic of interest, but we didn’t expect this!

Check out what Jason Cole of RCGroups has to say about these awesome handles from Jeti!

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Jeti Take Over

IMAC season is well on its way, and from the looks of it, under siege from Jeti Pilots all around! We want to thank all of the pilots that have shared some highlights from this years season so far, and we look forward to seeing more! Here is a look at what has come our way!

South Central IMAC (Wrightsville, AR)

Front Row:  (Right to Left) Rich Whitlow (Sportsman – 3rd Place), Larry Feiss (Seniors – 1st Place)

Back Row: (Right to Left) Kevin Schmidt (Sportsman – 2nd Place), Mark Thurman, David Herron (Intermediate – 3rd Place), Cam Shahrdar (Advanced – 1st Place), Jason Priddle (Intermediate – 1st Place)

JTec IMAC Challenge (Mocksville, NC)

Jeff Maruschek; (Intermediate – 1st Place) 

IMAC Over The Glades (Delray Beach, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

Annual Ocala Spring IMAC (Balleview, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

Ready To Roll Out!

The Jeti Test Drive program takes it up one more notch with our mobile station. Take a look at what you will see out in the field!!!

Why Jeti Radios Are Awesome

What makes Jeti your favorite? For some, like Brandon Chew, it’s the cool start up features!

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One Happy Camper…

That’s one happy camper… or should we say pilot!

This lucky 5 year old couldn’t stop grinning when his grandfather brought him his very own Jeti Transmitter. The training capabilities between a DS-16 and a DS-6 make it the perfect combination for young children.

Steve says ” Thanks for making a radio for small hands….. He likes his new radio as you can tell from his smile….”

Well Steve, we are happy that both you and your grandson are enjoying Jeti!

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Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Visitors

They came, they saw, now they are home.

Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Models

There was much more to look at than just exhibitors! Check out these amazing models we saw.

Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Exhibitors

We weren’t the only ones at Toledo! Check out the other Exhibitors that we had the pleasure of seeing.

Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Esprit & Jeti USA

If you missed The Weak Signals Toledo Expo this year, get a glimpse of our booth here!

Espritmodel | Jeti USA