Elite Aerosports Rebel Pro + Jeti DS- Carbon Red = Perfection

Take a look a Pablo next to this Beautiful Rebel Pro! We can only imagine how nice it would be flying with the Carbon Red DS-16! šŸ™‚ Check out the flagship Jeti Transmitter in the link below.

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*Photo from Pablo Fernandez

HELP – I Need Somebody…

And that somebody is just a click away! Check out our Jeti forum on RC Groups and talk with other Jeti users from all around. Topic discussed include – but are not limited to – Mixes and Fine Tuning, Multi-Rotor Controller Setup, Programming Videos, and much much more. Click the full story link to get there!

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Jeti Welcomes You!

We wanted to welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti a new flyer – Tom Woods. Thanks to Don Perry, who just signed his turbine waiver šŸ™‚ , Tom is now set up with the Jeti DS-16 on his new Ultra Flash.

Welcome to the team Tom!

Keep Things Simple with the Universal Magnetic Switch from Jeti

TheĀ Universal Magnetic Switch device is a dual pole electronic switch with four outputs all operated by a magnetic key (sold separately). You might wonder why this may be beneficial – well the answer is simple. Being that there are not moving parts that can wear out over time, like on a mechanically operated switch, the use of magnets offer virtually unlimited ON/OFF cycles, prolonging the life of the device.

The Universal Magnetic Switch is designed for 3.5V – 59V input and supports up to four (4) individual devices connected to the ports. Output ports are divided to Master and OPTO, both sets of ports are optically insulated from each other preventing RF interference. Each pair of the connectors has single standard and single inverted output, this setup enables you to connect and control simultaneously several Jeti devices.

The face plate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should one the devices become disconnected from the switch, the device will stay ON and switch will remember its ON/OFF state.

To get yours click below.

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Recommend Installation:

Recommended Installation for Gasoline Engine with SPS 20 Ignition On/Off Switch

Recommended Installation for Electric Power with Power Main Switch & Central Box 200/400

Rich’s Laser is Ready!

Rich and his Desert Aircraft Laser are ready for the 2017 IMAC Season. Take a look at these photos he sent in of his beautiful plane. We love the use of the antenna holders for his Jeti receiver antenna and the spiral wraps for containing the wires to his Central Box 200, and the decals really add that final touch! Great install Rich!

Jeti Test Drive

Not sure if the Jeti Transmitter is something for you? Take it for a test drive!

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Tennessee Style from Nashvegas

Check out Flying Giants User Nashvegas’s awesome build of theĀ 88″ Edge 540 from Extreme Flight. This very personalized Edge runs a DA70 engine, Falcon Carbon Fiber Prop, Jeti Central Box 200, and his very own special Tennessee high octane fuel tank. For more information on the build click here: Build LinkĀ 

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*Photos from Jim T. Graham’s article posted on FlyingGiants.com.Ā 

New RX with Assist

Check out the new Jeti receiver with Assist in action on the Jeti DC-24 Transmitter.

Welcome To The Dark Side (Or In This Case Red)

Look who has crossed over to the Jeti side! Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti, Pablo. We know it will be everything you hope and then some.

NEW – From Jeti Model!!!

Check out what was released at Nuremberg Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Jeti has lots of goodies in store for us. Some of the new items include the DS-24, the Jeti Ditex servos, and the REX Assist Receivers. Check it out.



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