Lights, Camera, Action!

This Jeti transmitter and its happy owner (Mohammad – Jeti Fight Club Member) have made it to international movie star status! We love to see just how loved Jeti Products are world wide!

New Videos from the Demon!

Bavarian Demon has released a new media page with instructional videos. Learn all you need to know for setups including the CB200 and the Cortex Pro (shown below). For more information visit the page below.

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Jeti Tested; Pilot Approved!

This is JC. He is one of our long term customers (and we are forever thankful for his dedication). Just recently he was able to get his hands on the REX 10 Assist receiver, install it, and fly it. This is what he had to say:

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the R10 Assist on a carbon Z Eflite T28 and also on a large EDF and those things perform unbelievably awesome! Easy to set up (just 1 flight to have it fullly dailed [sic] in), and they lock in like a cortex.



Well JC, we are glad to see you are enjoying the REX 10 Assist! Thank you for the share, and the beautiful image your your aircraft!

Head down to the link below to learn more about the REX Assist relievers.

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How to Hook Up Your Jeti MUI Sensor

A truck arrives outside. DING DONG goes the door bell. Your package has arrived! You slice open the tape and slide out a box that reads “JETI Model”. Riddled with anticipation, you remove the sensor.  “Now what?” you ask yourself.

It can be intimidating when you open up your new MUI Sensor and look at the connector-less leads. What are you supposed to do with these?!? We will show you!

The MUI Sensor must be connected in parallel between your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and the battery.

First, solder the MUI leads to the positive polarity on your desired connector. We suggest a quality connector with reverse polarity protection.

Second, run one additional wire (matching the gauge to your sensor) from each of the negative polarity of your connectors.

Now you are set to plug in your sensor to your Battery and ESC. Once this is done proceed to your sensor set up!

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Jeti World Wide

You don’t have to live just in the USA to enjoy the benefit of a Jeti System. Take a look at these photos from our customer in Brazil. Here is Ricardo with his Euro Sport. This beautiful custom-colored jet runs a Jeti Central Box 200, 2x R3/RSWs and is operating on the Dual Frequency Jeti DS-24. Beautiful aircraft Ricardo!

Add It To Your Calendar!

We did! The show season is here and we are booked! Head on over to the 2018 calendar to see what events we will be attending. Don’t forget to get registered for the Jeti Flight Fest 2018 on RC Flight Deck! See you there! (Click the photo to register)

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Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Ditex Telemetry Servos (Need Clone? Just Copy)

Watch James take a closer look at the Ditex servos’ cloning process. Say goodbye to individual servo setup!

Ditex – Why Are They So Great? Well, We Will Tell You!

The Ditex line of servos are like no other product in the RC market today. These exemplary servos were designed to go above and beyond the best in precision, safety, strength and speed – and they do.  Not only do they surpass the expectations of what a servo is capable of, they contain the ability to adapt with our ever changing needs as pilots. Click the Read More link below!

Third Time is a Charm?

Not in this case – for Mohammed, each time was a charm! We are proud to recognize Jeti Fight Club member Mohammed Alosaimi for his outstanding performance in the Saudi Arabia Cup! Way to go Mohammed. Congratulations on your third-time first-place win.

Best in Town!

Be the talk-of-the-town when you show up at field with one of these water proof, dust proof, and crash proof transmitter cases.

Uncertainty always strikes when bringing your equipment into extreme weather conditions. From the sweltering-hot vacation beach to the violent desert dust storm, you will feel safe knowing that your precious equipment is fully protected. Our cases are designed to resist deformation and fatigue, the waterproof seal ensures a long-lasting watertight fit. With rounded corners, stainless steel hardware, thick wall construction, and oversized details these durable hard-sided cases are built to absorb shocks and keep water and dust out without sustaining damage to the case or more importantly your equipment. Available for DS and DC series transmitters and offered in three colors.

Check out more information below.

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