Logical Switches

A Brief Explanation

Sometimes in flying, you run into a situation when you might want, or need, a more specific set of controls from your transmitter. These situations can be as simple as applying an air brake when your throttle goes below a certain percentage, or more complex situations like if you were to want a remote canopy to open if and only if your airspeed was at zero and your landing gear was deployed. Many transmitters on the market today can provide these controls, however they are called by different names. With any Jeti Transmitter, this feature is known as “Logical Switches”. Logical switches allow you to get specific with mixing your controls and opens up a world of possibilities.

When programming a logical switch with a Jeti Transmitter, you can program any one of your many switches as well as employ the use of your proportional controls, levers, knobs, accelerometers, telemetry controls, and even timers. To program these, you will go to Menu > Advance Properties > Logical Switches. From here you will label your switch, enable it, and assign two controls and a condition (such as and, or, etc.,). Check out the video below where James takes you through the steps needed to use this great feature.

Please note that since the production of this video, Jeti Firmware updates have changed a few of the options found in logical switches.

Here is a great playlist from Harry Curzon that goes over logical switches in great detail.