The Importance of Fail Safes

We discussed last week how the 900mhz backup feature is a highly recommended, under utilized feature, but we also want to talk about another feature that gets overlooked. With Jeti, as with most systems, you have the ability to set up a fail safe on your receiver. Fail Safe is a feature that tells your aircraft what to do in the case of a communication loss. This is important, because a communication loss can be catastrophic and cause an aircraft to do unexpected things. When you lose control of your aircraft, people can get hurt, and all of us want to avoid that scenario. To prevent such a series of events, you can set up a fail safe to carry out a specific task, like turning off your motor, in case of a communication loss. While this seems like a natural thing to do, many pilots are so excited to get a new model finished, this step is often overlooked. It can be the difference between a minor scare and a really bad day. Don’t forget to test the failsafe before you get to the field as you want to make sure it is functioning before you need it.

Check out this video on how to set up your fail safe.

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