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Back In Black!

The brand new DS-24 Carbon Black Transmitter has arrived to the shop. We can now say the entire DS-24 family is here and just itching to be shipped! Check back often for more DS-24 FCC updates.

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Need Help? Turn To RC Groups!

Don’t forget to hop on over to RC Groups and head to the Jeti Radio Forum for all things Jeti! It is a great way to get help, advice, or even inspired from other Jeti customers.

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Jeti Capri Blue DC-24 Transmitter

Ask about Jeti Custom Transmitters! We just got in this beautiful Capri Blue Jeti DC-24 for a customer. Call us today and see what we can make happen for you! Custom DC-24 Capri Blue $2295.00.

*Phone Number 1(508)JETIUSA

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The Jeti DS-24 Have Arrived!

The Jeti DS-24 masterpieces have arrived! Production units have arrived to our shop and are awaiting final FCC permissions. Hold tight, we are in the home stretch! In the meanwhile, check out the updated product pages!

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Production Has Started!!!

We are happy to announce that production has started on the Jeti DS-24 transmitters! Get your name on the waiting list for 2017’s Best New RC Product* by pre-ordering yours today. We expect them to start shipping out very soon!

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*Jeti DS-24 and DC-24 rated “Best New RC Product” @ SEFF 2017.

Store Display Jeti Transmitters!!!

Get them while they are still here! Head to Esprit Tech for great deals on these store display Jeti Transmitters. These transmitters are in great condition and offer an amazing price. Some have upgrades already pre-installed. Check them out on Esprit’s website now, they wont last long!

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DS-24 Available For Pre-Order

What’s not to love about a transmitter that sports a full color, high contrast backlit LCD display, gimbals with built in haptic feedback, and voice activated functions? Not to mention the dual band, tripple redundant saftey of the Jeti system, an elegant design, and real time telemetry feedback. These are just some of the amazing features the Jeti DC and DS-24 transmitters offer. It’s not to late to get yours! Pre-Orders for the brand new DS-24 are still available.

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Save Big On Jeti DC-24

Its time to do some “out with the old and in with the new” summer cleaning – and now we have a Store Display Jeti DC-24 Carbon edition for sale. This transmitter is like new, with a few switch upgrades. Get the juicy details on Esprit Tech’s website. This is a great way to save a few extra dollars on an amazing, top of the line, transmitter!

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Reporting for Aerotow Duty!

Check out the heavy duty towhook release we just installed on our Jeti Test Drive Morova! Now Jeti is ready for anything!

New Firmware Update For Jeti Transmitters

Jeti Model has released update version 4.23. In this firmware up date, Jeti adds the latest device definitions for devices including, but not limited to, MFlow2, MRPM Hall, Brain, R3 REX, Cortex Pro, AXON.b In addition to this new feature, they have updated several existing features to make using your transmitter a bit more seamless. Take a look at the release notes, and download the new V4.23 firmware from the link below.

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