As time passes, technology advances and hobby needs change. What works for one device may no longer meet the needs of newer and upcoming devices. In turn you get stuck with a long list of “Which does What” parts and a seemingly deathly migraine. Well, we think we can help – at least on the Jeti receiver side of things.  Keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of Jeti Duplex receivers, and what they have to offer.

Jeti R4-R18

These are the most basic receivers Jeti offers. They range in channel sizes from 4 channels to 18 channels and some offer a light wight heat shrink case (L) where space or weight is an issue, or short range (i) antennas for projects not requiring the full length lead. The full line of Duplex EX receivers work on the revolutionary Jeti Dulplex 2.4 frequency hopping system. Every receiver comes with a wirelessly programmable failsafe and digital telemetry (Rx Voltage, Signal Quality).  They also offer full integration with all Duplex telemetry sensors. With ANY of the Duplex 2.4GHz receivers you can simultaneously monitor all of your sensor data using the Duplex JetiBox Profi or Jeti 2.4GHz Transmitters.

Port Configurations (Rx Firmware 3.20): 
Standard: 1-9 Servo, SAT Satellite In, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming 
PPM/Servo: 1-9 Servo, SAT PPM, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming 
EX Bus/Servo: 1-9 Servo, SAT Satellite In, Ext EX Bus/USB Programming 
UDI/Servo: 1-9 Servo, SAT UDI, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming 

Jeti R3/RSW

In the line of Jeti receivers, these guys are possibly the most versatile. The R3 is Jeti’s answer to the sat/remote/auxiliary installation options. This mini 3 channel receiver can also operate as a wireless switch, allowing it to be two devices in one.  For the first time ever, you can turn your devices ON/OFF wirelessly with a simple flip of a switch on your Jeti DC/DS transmitter.

Port Configurations (Rx Firmware 3.20): 
Standard: 1-3 Servo, 4/Ext Telemetry/USB Programming 
PPM/Servo: 1-2 Servo, 3 PPM, 4/Ext Telemetry/USB Programming 
EX Bus/Servo: 1-3 Servo, 4/Ext EX Bus/USB Programming 
UDI/Servo: 1-2 Servo, 3 UDI, 4/Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
Wireless Switch: 3 Switch 

Jeti REX R3-R12

All the great features of the R4-R18 and then some! The REX line of Jeti receivers offer internal telemetry data logging, multiple EXT ports, and a new 32 bit microprocessor (better for software upgrades). The REX line of programmable receivers have been developed to take full advantage of multi-port, multi communication protocol configuration and fully implement Duplex EX Bus or third party devices that use EX Bus for telemetry and programming integration.

Port Configurations (Rx Firmware REX 1.00):
Standard: 1-10 Servo, E1 Telemetry/Satellite, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
PPM/Servo: 1-10 Servo, 8/E2 Servo/Satellite/PPM, E1 Satellite/PPM, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
EX Bus/Servo: 1-10 Servo, 8/E2 Servo/Satellite/EX Bus, E1 Satellite/EX Bus, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
UDI/Servo: 1-10 Servo, 8/E2 Servo/Satellite/UDI, E1 Satellite/UDI, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming

Jeti R3 REX 900MHz

This receiver offers all the same features of the REX line of receivers, but operates in the 900MHz frequency for the Dual Frequency feature on the DS/DC 24 transmitters.

Port Configurations (Rx Firmware REX 1.00):
PPM/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/PPM, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
EX Bus/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/EX Bus, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
UDI/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/UDI, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming

Jeti REX Assist (In The Works!)

Stay tuned for great information on these guys!


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