We are back from Ohio safe and sound, but with as much fun as we had we are happy to be back in Florida! What a show this year’s Weak Signals Expo proved to be. The weather was crazy. We were under tornado watches, dealt with hail and freezing rain, and woke up to an ice covered truck.  We have seen a lot at trade shows over the years, but on Friday we experienced something we had never gone through at a show- total power loss. The cause of the power outage seemed to be a blown transformer. Despite the crummy weather and loss of power, the show still rocked. The weekend was packed with visitors in our booth. I’m surprised we still have our voices after all the talking we did. Back at the store, Jeti Transmitters were flying off our shelves! The capabilities of the scale builders were just flat out amazing. There was so much interesting things to look at, and it was great to see all the other vendors. We can’t wait to go back.

Check out the link below for more photos from the show.

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Weak Signals

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