Even the most skilled pilot can have those unfortunate aircraft to ground encounters, it is the downside of the hobby. However, the fun doesn’t have to end the moment you crash, in fact, some believe the fun has just begun.

About a year ago, team pilot Ashleigh Heath crashed her beloved Bigfoot. It was out of commission for quite a while, until she decided it was time to change that. In the beginning of October, Ashleigh purchased herself a motor box rebuild kit from Extreme Flight. This particular kit includes only the firewall, landing gear block, and main formers. This was a start. The rest of the damage had to be re-created from either piecing back previous parts, or making them from scratch. In only two short weeks, Ashleigh had finished her rebuild. It was re-maidened it at SpookFest 2016, which was held at the Eagle Squadron club in Galion Ohio.

It is amazing what she was able to do, and how quickly she got it done. For us, she serves as an inspiration. There is nothing that she lets limit her. Great job Ashleigh.

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