We would like to introduce a new sensor from Jeti Model – The MULi 6s Module. Now you may be asking what is different than the MULi 6s that we already carry – and that’s okay, read on for an explanation.

The MULi 6s Module is a sensor designed to monitor the Li-xx battery voltage, which measures the voltage of each battery cell via the balance connector. It allows you to monitor the voltage of up to 6 Li-xx cells per module. The special part is the fact that the individual MULi 6s modules can now be serialized and can be connected to up to 5 modules!!! The MULi 6s Module sensor monitors the voltage of each battery cell with its history (minimum, maximum), the total battery voltage, the voltage difference between the strongest and the weakest cells, and the sensor is able to alert the operator to exceed the set parameters by means of alarms. Sensor information is transmitted by the Duplex system to the operator.

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Example of 6S Battery Connection

Example of 15S Battery Connection

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