Meet our newest Jeti Team Pilot!
Ryan O’Connor is an adrenaline junky who has landed himself in the RC world. It all started for him one day, about twelve years ago. Ryan was surfing the web and stumbled across a flybarred RC helicopter website and his attention was peaked. He was so intrigued, he went and bought his first helicopter; from that moment on he was addicted. After ten years of flying helis, he decided to make the move to fixed wing. “Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some smack down on the deck (helicopters), but the gracefulness to all-out-crazy an airplane can do is just amazing.” States Ryan.
Ryan flies at his home field in Wellington, Florida almost every day. When asked what his favorite part of flying is, Ryan replies with a simple “Not Crashing,” followed by the real answer. “If I had to pick my favorite part of flying, it would be how awesome it is to see someone you helped learn to fly, make a successful flight on their own.” As a father of two, one of which is learning to fly, and a very active member in the community, Ryan is always lending a hand and sharing his knowledge, and love, of the sport with anyone who asks.
For now Ryan is focused on IMAC, and his plans for the future are to compete in more competitions, and become a decent competitor from Sportsman all the way up to Advanced.

Welcome to the Team Ryan! We will see you at the field.

Ryan OConnor Jeti 2

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