Hey guys! We would like to introduce one of our newest pilots Alex Rose!

For some, the birth of a child puts their hobby on hold, for Alex Rose, it kick-started it. Alex used to be an avid golfer, but when his daughter came into this world, he had to find something that would fit in-between feedings and nap time. He landed on RC Helicopters. His first purchase was a flybarred Blade 400 and flight simulator. He hasn’t put his sticks down since.

Today you can find Alex “kickin’ up dust” in his crazy 3D demo flights. As owner of MSH-USA he can also be found designing airframes and electronics with MSH Italy. Due to his technical background, Alex has worked with many companies on electronics development, airframe design, airframe testing, company strategy, marketing strategy, and marketing campaigns.

“My favorite experiences have been with helping new start-up companies within the hobby launch their first product successfully.” States Alex.

Welcome to the team!

Alex Rose

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