Entry: Day One

I have worked in the hobby for a good percentage of the last fifteen years, yet I have never actually learned to fly. I think now is the time. We dusted off an old DJI Flame Wheel from the shop and set it up for me to learn on. Last month we shared a video of my first flight, but being the one who manages the blogs and social media pages I thought it would be cool to keep a “Flight Log” and share it here for you (our readers) to follow along with me as I learn. This is my first entry covering my first flight from a few weeks ago.

03/23/2023: Day 1 – James has taken on the seemingly impossible task of teaching me to fly! I was excited to learn, but very nervous that I would crash. Today, I did well. I flew a DJI Flame Wheel, fitted with Jeti REX 7 Assist receiver and a Jeti SBEC. Thank goodness for the REX Assist receiver – it offers a mode that allows James to adjust the reactivity of the quadcopter. This allows me to get a better handle on how to move the sticks to achieve a certain reaction (with a little latency in between 🙂 ) So far, the Jeti DS-12 has been easy to use, but James has already programed everything. All I need to do is turn on the transmitter and make sure the correct model is selected. I worked on turning the Flame Wheel on by holding the sticks off center. Once it was on, I practiced getting the throttle to the right level for it to take off. The goal today was to hover it around waist high – and I did it! I did get scared if it veered away, and there was once when I lost orientation, but overall it was a great first run! Oh, and I didn’t crash!

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