IMAC season is well on its way, and from the looks of it, under siege from Jeti Pilots all around! We want to thank all of the pilots that have shared some highlights from this years season so far, and we look forward to seeing more! Here is a look at what has come our way!

South Central IMAC (Wrightsville, AR)

Front Row:  (Right to Left) Rich Whitlow (Sportsman – 3rd Place), Larry Feiss (Seniors – 1st Place)

Back Row: (Right to Left) Kevin Schmidt (Sportsman – 2nd Place), Mark Thurman, David Herron (Intermediate – 3rd Place), Cam Shahrdar (Advanced – 1st Place), Jason Priddle (Intermediate – 1st Place)

JTec IMAC Challenge (Mocksville, NC)

Jeff Maruschek; (Intermediate – 1st Place) 

IMAC Over The Glades (Delray Beach, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

Annual Ocala Spring IMAC (Balleview, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

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