Introducing Brand New Esprit Elite E30/35/40/50/60cc 12S Heavy Duty Outrunner Brushless Motors with Integrated Jeti Telemetry (2600W – 6250W)!!!

Esprit Elite E30cc 200 (12S/2600W)
Esprit Elite E35cc 220 (12S/3700W)
Esprit Elite E40cc 210 (12S/4000W)
Esprit Elite E50cc 215 (12S/5750W)
Esprit Elite E60cc 195 (12S/6250W)

Elite E30cc, 12S, 20×8, 56A, 7000rpm, 2600W

Elite E35cc, 12S, 20×8, 80A, 8150rpm, 3700W

Elite E40cc, 12S, 21×10, 85A, 7350rpm, 4000W

Elite E50cc, 12S, 23×10, 125A, 7200rpm, 5750W

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