MUI Installation Tips from the Pros

If you are setting up your aircraft for the first time, or adding to an existing set up, installing a Jeti current/voltage/capacity telemetry sensor (MUI) can look like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be!

Typically, when installing a MUI sensor, you would splice into and solder together the red (positive) lead on your electronic speed controller (ESC) to the lead on the MUI sensor. Then you would solder your connectors and connect to your battery as usual. This is often difficult to complete due to the limited length on the ESC leads.

We have a solution – instead of splicing into your ESC leads, simply create a harness. With a set of your favorite connectors, a length of wire in the proper gauge, and your MUI sensor, you can quickly create a harness that is simple to install.

If you take a look at the diagram posted below, you will see that we soldered connectors onto the MUI sensor. The second step was taking another piece of a similar gauge wire, soldering this into the negative side of the connectors, and making an extension. Now we can connect the MUI sensor in between our ESC and battery without any issues!

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MUI Harness Diagram

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