One amazing part of having such a large team are all the events we get to hear about, even if we can’t attend. Michael Middleton recently took a trip to an event in Irvine California. Here is what he had to say about it:

 I recently attended an very large scale model event in Irvine California where we had close to 65 pilots and at least twice as many aircraft. The weather was great for Las Vegas standards as we are used to 105+  temps and kind of windy. There it was cool-around 75 deg and overcast making for some awesome flying weather. I flew my electric Sebart PC-21, ESM Sea Fury, and Carf models P-47 Thunderbolt all Jeti and MKS Servo controlled airplanes. The event was Friday through Sunday and was a real fun time. There was a catered banquet on Saturday night and the food and drinks were great. The event was sponsored by the Southern California Scale Squadron and they did a stellar job with keeping everything moving.

At the end of the show, his Thunderbolt was awarded Best of Show. Awesome Job! Take a look at some pictures he submitted.

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