The Jeti Duplex DS-14 Basic Army transmitter has a beautiful Army Print, Painted Aluminum Case, and Hall Sensor Gimbals. One of the best things about this transmitter is the fact that you only get what you need programming wise. If anyone has recently bought a computer from your local electronics retailer, I am sure you can understand what I mean. Those puppies are normally loaded with a bunch of programs that you will never need, anti-virus software that you can’t fully remove, games that you will never play, and all the trial versions that only gunk up your OS. The DS-14 Basic is a – as stated in the name – a basic transmitter, with the basic functions someone would need to fly. If you desire additional features, you can easily purchase them and upgrade! This provides a great, option for those of us who want to fly Jeti, don’t require all the advanced features, and it won’t break the bank! And look – they even come in special colors! Don’t let this transmitter disappear, get yours before they are gone.

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