7th and 8th flights of a new Boomerang Elan with Wren 100 i-Kero. Fast and smooth; great plane! The occasional tail “wobble” at the end was me playing with the rudder. Still getting the feel for the controls. Sorry for the wind noise in the microphone. There was a pretty good cross wind.

Boomerang Elan, Wren 100 i-Kero turbine, Jeti CB200 with RC switch, dual R3 receivers and dual 2100mAh LiFe packs, dual Jeti Mbar pressure sensors (brakes and gear), Jeti MGPS, Jet-Tronics proportional pressure valves, EvoJet smoke pump, TamJets UltraSpray smoke tube, Xicoy telemetry interface, PowerBox LightBox light controller, Jet-Tech split Kevlar tank (fuel and smoke), DreamWorks Pro-Link gear.

Yes, with a good part of the nation snowbound in February, Northern California is beautiful this time of year!

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