If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know!

The Jeti fully integrated telemetry system offers another level of security. When using Ditex digital telemetry servos, your system detects any power or signal interruptions. If anything fails you will know instantly what needs your attention. With Jeti telemetry alarms and data logging capabilities you will know what, when and why – giving you superior control.


Our new Magnetic ON/OFF Position Sensor will allow you to trigger events based on the True/False signal sent to your Jeti receiver. This is especially important in applications like gear doors, Up and Go systems for sailplanes, and scale features like opening canopies or gear doors.

You will install the magnet on the moving side of your opening and the sensor on the fixed side; allowing you to know when it is closed or open. This signal can then be used in logical switching to prevent accidents from occurring. Imagine a safety lockout that prevents your gear from raising/lowering unless the doors are opened first.

Multiple Position Sensors can be linked in a serial configuration and sent to a single input to signal a True/False condition for a set of doors. A True signal is only achieved when all of the sensors are in agreement.

Available at our site, here!

Introducing Esprit Elite ESCs with Data Logging & Telemetry, In Stock!!!

Elite controllers can be quickly programmed without a computer; the JetiBox is all that is needed. Speed controllers have a Data Logging function that lets you check and fine tune the setup of your airplane or helicopter. Readings for Peak controller temperature, Maximum current, Minimum current, RPM, Motor run time and many other parameters are recorded and can be viewed right on the JetiBox after a flight. This allows you to make adjustments immediately and fly again to see the results. Get them here!

Rob’s M Testimonial: Esprit Elite 165HV ESC – Success with the XPWR 60!

I installed and programmed the ESC yesterday and snuck out for two flights in a 15mph crosswind. Unfortunately with the crosswind, I was out by myself so no video yet. I’m happy to say the ESC and motor played will together and the acceleration and ‘feel’ was fantastic. I put the plane in every orientation possible to try and induce a commutation error but the ESC pushed through every maneuver with zero hesitation. My first take on the settings worked great: high filtration, 25 degrees timing, 8khz sampling, 0.6sec acceleration).

This ESC also appears to be pushing through a little more power to the motor than the Hobbywing ESC that it replaced. Vertical acceleration was outstanding.

On a fresh set of packs, I pulled 6,779 watts / 145.7 amps / 44.86v min. Xoar PJN 24×12.

  • Esprit Elite 55SB 8S w/BEC $95.00
  • Esprit Elite 80SB 8S w/BEC $109.00
  • Esprit Elite 100SB 8S w/BEC $125.00
  • Esprit Elite 95HV 12S $195.00
  • Esprit Elite 125HV 12S $225.00
  • Esprit Elite 165HV 12S $265.00