New Single and Double Wing Bags For Easy Transport!

Having trouble transporting your plane’s wings? We have the solution.

The Double Wing Bags are designed for RC airplanes with two separate tapered wing panels. In the center is a 3/8″ (10mm) removable partition of foam enclosed in fleece which separates the two wing panels and attaches with a layer of Velcro to the bottom of the wing bag.

The Single Wing Bags are designed for RC Airplanes or Sailplanes with single or multi-piece wing panels. On the backside there is an additional storage pocket for your wing joiners, wing tube or wing struts. The zippers go around three sides so the wing or wing panels can be inserted easily.

Find them here in several sizes!

Esprit & Jeti ESCs Cover Everything from 20A to 300A If you Want Telemetry, No Need for Jeti Tx (But it’s Better)

The JetiBox features a readout screen for monitoring live telemetry from your Elite, Spin Pro, and Mezon electronic speed controllers (ESCs) during bench testing and setup, as well as viewing stored data after a flight. Also allows you to custom program ESCs, as well as Jeti Duplex Sensors.

When used by itself, the JetiBox is also a powerful testing tool, measuring receiver channel output pulse widths, servo transfer speed, either unloaded or in actual use in the aircraft.

The JetiBox is also a servo pulse generator (Servo Tester), allowing you to center your servos without receiver and transmitter, as well as cycling your servos from 10 to 990 cycles.


It looks like the new Heavy Duty line of E80 motors is exceeding our expectations.  At 995g, the 28 Pole Design even pushed hard with a 22×12 propeller. The 12S battery runs surprisingly cold during our standard 3 minute motor test run in 30 seconds intervals.

Even when we achieved a power output of 4250W the temperature of the stator never exceeded 43.5C (110F) on the ground using our test stand. All this data was possible by using Jeti Telemetry and Data Logging features.

Elite E80/30-185
10S   26×12, 140A, 5850rpm, 40C, 5200W
12S   24×10, 140A, 7000rpm, 40C, 6200W

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Bold and Beautiful Hotliner Green X-Plus!

Take a gander at this bold beauty! The Yuri Virchenko Carbon Fiber X-Plus w/Flaps in Hotliner Green is receiver and battery ready. She flies like a dream and turns heads no matter where she goes. All of our models are built with the utmost care and skill, making this a perfect holiday gift for you or your favorite flyer! Snag it before someone else does, here.

Length: 40.25″/1025mm
Recommended Battery: TP2700 5S

Condition of item: Store Display, Never Flown, Brand NEW

(1) X-Plus Carbon $645.00
(1) Jeto Phasor 2026/3600 6.7:1 motor $385.00
(1) Esprit Elite 80SB brushless ESC $109.00
(4) MKS HV6130 servo (ailerons, flaps) $312.00
(1) MKS HV6100 servo (elevator) $44.00
(1) Aeronaut 38/6mm folding spinner $19.00
(1) Aeronaut 38/8mm yoke $9.00
(1) Vitaprop 15×9.5 CF folding propeller $42.00