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Mr. Top Gun

For many, Top Gun is another RC Event… but for some, like Jack Diaz, it is THE RC Event.  Top Gun gathers pilots from all over to compete against each other, as well as their selves, in many categories covering building skills all the way to flying abilities. Perhaps the most coveted award is the “Mr. Top Gun” award, issued to the overall winner. This year, that award goes to Jack Diaz and his beautiful Belgium – Air Force “Les Diables Rouges” Fouga CM-170 Magister MT-48 jet, controlled by Jeti.

For Jack, 2-time Mr. Top Gun, this achievement was not easily had. Many hours of hard work had gone into working on his jet (and finding that perfect Jeti setup), as well as a quick parts swap mid-competition, but in the end all that work paid off. Thank you for letting us assist you out in the field. Congratulations to Jack Diaz, our 2017 Mr. Top Gun!

Welcome To The Dark Side

Jeti USA wants to welcome our addition in the Jeti World – Darryl Tarr. Take a look at Darryl with his DC-24, and his original Skygate BAE Hawk Mk63 (running a PowerBox Champion SRS with 2x Jeti R3 REXs and JetCat P-200SX).

Way To Go!

We want to congratulate Peter Vogel for his first wing of the 2017 Season…. in the first pattern contest he entered! Take a look at the photos from him at the Desert Pattern Challenge in Apache Junction, AZ. “Thanks to Eric Gagnon for some amazing photos from the event!” – Peter Vogel #Jeti

Jim’s Rafael Tigermeet

Jim McEwen has been busy with his new project: the Rafael C 113-HJ “Tigermeet”. Take a look at these teaser photos he sent us. We just love how the yellow plate looks behind the Jeti install!  Look for Jim and his finished Jet at Top Gun 2017!

Father and Son Time

We love that people are out there getting their children into RC Flight, and we love it even more when they start on a Jeti! Take a look at Don and his son Griffin. Griffin who is learning to fly his blue foam jet using his dad’s DS-16. 🙂

All Ready To Go

Rich is ready to go. Take a look at him posing with his 93″ Electric and 105″ DA Powered AJ Aircraft Laser 230Z, and of course his Jeti Transmitter. Looking Good Rich!


Jeti Welcomes You!

We wanted to welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti a new flyer – Tom Woods. Thanks to Don Perry, who just signed his turbine waiver 🙂 , Tom is now set up with the Jeti DS-16 on his new Ultra Flash.

Welcome to the team Tom!

Welcome To The Dark Side (Or In This Case Red)

Look who has crossed over to the Jeti side! Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti, Pablo. We know it will be everything you hope and then some.

LUA Scripting Capabilities

Jeti Pilot Peter Vogel was playing around with the new LUA Scripting ability of V4.2 Firmware update. His app allows for a warning if you arm your plane with a discharged flight pack.

Here is why he decided this was a helpful application:

While it *is* possible to get the same functionality from the native features of the radio, it burns a sequencer and several logical switches. It’s even more complicated to do if you have an ESC with a BEC and you use a separate RX backup pack as many of us flying competition do! As an added bonus I added the ability to have it announce the model name when the TX is powered up or a model is selected. While this is ostensibly a distinct function it seemed silly to burn another one of 10 script slots just for announcing the name of the model.

Check out the details to his app here.

Match Made In Heaven – Shockwave and DS-16 Carbon Red

Thanks to help from Don, David is able to fly his beautiful Shockwave with his DS-16 Carbon Red Transmitter. It was so fun, he went through ten gallons of Jet Fuel! We hope he was running an MFlow Sensor. If used in combination with the Jeti DS-16,the Jeti MFlow EX sensor allows you to set your “Low/High Fuel” alarms and gives you accurate reading of fuel consumption.

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