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You Won’t Want to Miss This!

For a small deposit, get yourself on the list to receive the long awaited DS-24 transmitter!


Receivers For Free!

For a limited time ONLY, purchase from Esprit Model a Jeti DS/DC-16 Carbon or DC-24 Radio System and get a FREE Jeti R9 Duplex Receiver. Hey guys that’s an $89.00 value! While supplies last. Sale is not retroactive. Qualifying purchases only. Deal ends July 16th so hurry!

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Helpful Tool!

Jeti Studio offers a great way to view your telemetry logs via desktop! Check it out! Download it here: Jeti Studio


Mick Burrell’s Hawker Hunter Tomahawk

“Check out Mick Burrell’s 1/4.5-scale monster jet!” That beautiful Abu Dhabi paint scheme pairs well with your Jeti Transmitter Mick! Read more about this awesome jet in the Model Airplane feature below.

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Get On The List!!!

Check out this screen! Jeti adds even more customization options with the ability to assign images to your models, and pick your menu colors in the DS-24 Transmitter.  There is still time to get on the list for the brand new Jeti DS-24 Transmitter. Pre-Order yours today from Esprit Tech and save your place in line. These guys will be coming to a finish soon, don’t you want to be ready?

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Video Release: Jeti Data Logging

A hidden gem, this video explains why everyone should be using Jeti’s data logging feature and just how to do it!



Talk Of The Town

You hear that? Yup, that’s right. People are talking – talking about the Jeti DS-24 that is! Read what Jim T. Graham says about it in an article recently posted to RC Groups.

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Jeti Data Logging and Data Display, Useful or Useless?

Recently we have gotten many questions about how data logging and the capability to immediately display data on your transmitter screen post flight can help you become a better pilot. There are many areas where the Jeti system answers all your questions giving you detailed information about performance of individual components that could explain, improve or even prevent a catastrophe. We have to remember that the Jeti Transmitter is a scientific instrument and in our hands it will become the indispensable tool which helps us with improving performance, enjoyment, and safety of our hobby.

Jeti systems enable you to display, modify, delete, zoom in/out, and compare sets of data at any time without using the computer. All of this happens in your hands at the field. Once you finish your flight you will be holding all the answers to your questions in your hands. The Jeti System displays the activated alarms and all telemetry data right in front of you.

Live Equipment Test

Rx A1 Antenna Signal Strength Am I getting 9, should I relocate antenna?
Rx A2 Antenna Signal Strength Am I getting 9, should I relocate antenna?
Rx Q Signal Quality Am I getting 100%, should I relocate the receiver?

Live System Optimization

Mezon Battery Amp (A) How many Amps is system pulling with current propeller?
Mezon Battery Voltage (V) How is battery voltage holding in correlation to the load?
Motor RPM What is the correlation between battery voltage and RPM?

Post Flight Evaluation

SBEC Current (A) Are the servos overloading the Rx or BEC?
ESC Temperature Increases over time, Am I overheating the ESC?
Motor Temperature Increases over time, Am I overheating the Motor?

Post-Crash Diagnostics (Unfortunately in Happens)

Rx A1 Antenna Signal Strength Did we lose any of the antennas, were they shielded or damaged?
Rx Q Signal Quality Was the 2.4Ghz spectrum clear, any interference?
SBEC Output Voltage Did we lose power over the flight?

Test Drive the DC-24!

Test drive the latest in Jeti Technology – The Jeti DC-24 – complete with transmitter tray and 4-point harness. Check it out!

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DS-24 Production Models!

Just before Joe Nall, we received in the final production models of the Jeti Duplex DS-24 Transmitter. When you think Jeti cannot top themselves, they go ahead and do it! Check out the images of the DS-24 in Dark Green and Burnt Orange- pay special attention to the back plate!

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