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Welcome To The “Dark Side”

Welcome to the Dark Side of RC Mark W.! Take a look at Mark below with his beautiful new Rebel Pro and his brandy-new Jeti DS-16 Transmitter.  Great build! Here is what the another pilot had to say about Mark…(Don’t worry, it’s good!)

Mark is a long time R/C Jet pilot, I have flown with him for many years and he is a excellent flyer. We have been to many Jet events over the years. He currently flies a B-1 Bomber for the U.S. Air-Force!

-Don P.

Do You Have Jeti Spirit?!?

We want to see it! Upload your favorite photo showcasing your “Jeti Spirit” to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to walk off with a $25 gift certificate.  Share it with your friends to gain more votes! The upload with the highest number of votes on the 30th of each month will win!

Head on over to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win!

*Jeti USA and Esprit Tech have the right to terminate this promotion at any time.


Jeti Studio 2 Software Is Easier Than Ever

Jeti really came through with their recent updates to the Jeti Studio Software. Now, you can see your data all together, as well as choose what data is displayed. The layout is much more user friendly, and really makes analyzing your data logs much easier. Down load it free below!

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Esprit’s YouTube Is Where It’s At!

If you need programming help, check out your one-stop Jeti school on Esprit Tech’s YouTube Channel. See tutorials ranging from Product Informational videos, to Advance Programming videos. Check it out!

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Ready For IRMA!

We are all hunkered down and ready for IRMA! Stay safe fellow Floridians, and don’t forget your fur babies (And yes we have boarded up)!

Jeti Studio Software Free Download

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors.

This program is a great way to see your Data Logs and Telemetry information displayed directly on your computer screen, and if your anything like me, that means a larger-than-life display!

It also runs a transmitter emulator for programing directly from your computer. Since it looks like your transmitter screen, no need to learn a new program, it’s already what you are accustomed to!

Get your FREE download here.

National Aviation Day 2017

Today is National Aviation Day! How will you celebrate Aviation? In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an entire day to the development of aviation. August 19th, the date picked by Roosevelt was decided upon because it is Orville Wright’s (of the Wright Brothers) birthday. Their contributions to flight set the foundation to Aviation as we know it.

So, grab your Jeti (or whatever you may fly), your favorite model, and go give aviation one – or two – giant thumbs up!

Here are some more ideas on how to celebrate by NASA.

Super Giant RC Glider Controlled By Jeti

Check out this full scale RC Glider – and the best part…. it flies on JETI!!!

Model Data:
Scale: 1/1
Wingspan: 10.6 m / 34.8 ft.
Weight: 80 kg / 176 pounds
The weight of original plane was 65 kg without pilot.
Time to build: 250 days (950 hours)

Get Help When You Need It!

Turn to RCGroups and the Jeti Forum to get advice from others flying Jeti! Hear from other customers what they like and why, and get answers to any question you may have!

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Amazing Setup!!!

Take a look at these photos submitted by Danny from Flightwerkz of a Rebel Pro hooked up in Jeti Glam…and just look at those LEDS. Looking good guys!

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