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Come Test Drive Jeti @ Triple Tree!

Time is running out to Test Drive Jeti, so stop by the Jeti mobile station to see for yourself what the Jeti experience is all about!

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The Count Down Is On!!!

In less than one week we will be on our way to Woodruff, South Carolina for JOE NALL 2017! We are so excited and cant wait to see you all there. If you would like us to bring your order with us, simply order by Thursday (5/11/17) and we will pack it up on Friday! (Don’t forget an order note so we know to bring it!) To pick it up, simply visit our booth at show central. See you there!

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SEFF 2017

Since we were busy Test Driving those Jeti transmitters with you, we didn’t manage to get many photos this year from SEFF. Take a look at the Gallery below to see what moments we were able to capture. For more SEFF coverage, visit the link below. It will take you over to the RC Groups’ SEFF 2017 Wrap Up thread.

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Jeti USA Wins Best New Product

Due to the weather forecast, we arrived at SEFF (Southeast Electric Flight Festival) in Georgia a day later than we had originally planned. Despite the late arrival we had a great time! The launch of our field test aspect of the Jeti Test Drive program went amazing. We were happy to have people out there flying our transmitters and seeing for themselves just how fun Jeti Systems are. Jeti’s DC-24 Transmitters even took home Best New RC Product for SEFF 2017! Thank you to the Fayette Flyers for having us! We can’t wait for next year.

Lookin’ Great Carlos!

Thank you Carlos for these awesome images from the 2017 AMPS Aerobatic Challenge in Miami Florida! (2/18/17 – 2/19/17)

Look For Us on The Field

We are ready to go here at SEFF. Look for us on the field, just follow the yellow flags – and don’t forget to get your hands on our Jeti Test Drive!

Count Down To SEFF

With every minute that passes by we get closer and closer to heading over to the Southeast Electric Flight Festival hosted by the Fayette Flyers of Georgia…. And that means it is almost time for the  official Jeti Test Drive field test! Check out the gallery below for a sneak peak of what you will see!

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Jeti Take Over

IMAC season is well on its way, and from the looks of it, under siege from Jeti Pilots all around! We want to thank all of the pilots that have shared some highlights from this years season so far, and we look forward to seeing more! Here is a look at what has come our way!

South Central IMAC (Wrightsville, AR)

Front Row:  (Right to Left) Rich Whitlow (Sportsman – 3rd Place), Larry Feiss (Seniors – 1st Place)

Back Row: (Right to Left) Kevin Schmidt (Sportsman – 2nd Place), Mark Thurman, David Herron (Intermediate – 3rd Place), Cam Shahrdar (Advanced – 1st Place), Jason Priddle (Intermediate – 1st Place)

JTec IMAC Challenge (Mocksville, NC)

Jeff Maruschek; (Intermediate – 1st Place) 

IMAC Over The Glades (Delray Beach, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

Annual Ocala Spring IMAC (Balleview, FL)

Carlos Anaya (Class Unknown)

Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Visitors

They came, they saw, now they are home.

Weak Signals Toledo Expo – Models

There was much more to look at than just exhibitors! Check out these amazing models we saw.

Espritmodel | Jeti USA