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To Gyro or Not?

Now that most of us are into our flying season, it’s time to dust off those old models that have been hanging around for the last few months.  If you’re like me, spring is a time for me to update those older models and decide which ones are going to get my attention.  Often, I will break out a model that hasn’t seen the air in years.  There is no better time than now to equip a model with a stabilization system of one sort or another.  I can hear some of you griping at me already.  “I never needed a gyro thingy, why do I need one now?”  The answer to this question is, of course, you don’t.  We don’t need a gyro in the plane to go fly it.  For many people, the idea of stabilizing electronics in model aircraft is akin to cheating.  Whether it’s building, flying, or bench-racing that you enjoy most, the point is to enjoy it.  Stabilization systems, or gyros as most pilots call them, can improve the enjoyment that we experience when we go out to fly.  All of us have been through the dreaded maiden flight.  Our hand shaking with the thought of all those hours spent completing a new model.  This fear becomes one hundred times worse when it’s a scratch-built model or something of our own design.  A well-tuned system can help alleviate these fears, knowing that even if the model is a little out of alignment or the cg is a little off, the system will help us keep it in one piece.  Most modelers I know have had a model that is more difficult than others on take-off or landing.  A stabilization system can take your worst nightmare and have you greasing it in like a pro.  And let’s face it, there is no better tool for the new pilot to gain confidence than a model that will always return to level flight.  We, as a community, have to embrace technology for its ability to improve the quality of our hobby experience.  Do yourself a favor; get out there and try one of these systems for yourself.  There are stabilization systems available at multiple price points and varying degrees of complexity.  Shoot us an email at for more information on what might be right for you.

-Written by James Shupe

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One Happy Flyer

Toby is the happy new owner of a Jeti DS-24 Carbon Burnt Orange. He flew his new airplane with the DS-24 last weekend at the Columbus IMAC contest and went home with 1st Place in the Advanced category. Way to go Toby. We are happy to see you are excited about the new set-up! Thanks for the share.



Joe Nall 2018

As some of you may already know, due to severe weather conditions, Joe Nall 2018 has been officially canceled. Since the event is closed, obviously we will not be taking off to Woodruff, South Carolina this year. We do however look forward to seeing you next year.

Thank you,

Jeti USA and Esprit Tech

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Full Pitch RC Heli Podcast

Catch episode 11 of the Full Pitch RC Heli Podcast and get personal with Jeti customer, aka “The Heli Pastor” James Kaddis. (@0:48:00) We love to hear someone with so much passion!

Full Pitch is an RC Heli Podcast featuring Jimmy Jones and his co-host Javier Moreno. The on air chemistry between these two will keep you entertained for hours, and their knowledge even more impressive. Go ahead and binge listen. 

Play it here via PodBean.

iTunes users play it here.

Come Roast With Us!

We are excited to announce our very first Jeti Fight Club Member Party! Fight Club Members are invited to our Joe Nall Pig Roasting Party Thursday, May 17th, at our show central tent.

Not a member yet? No problem! Sign up here for all the benefits.

Pick Up At Joe Nall!!!

Place your Jeti order with Esprit Tech and receive it at Joe Nall! Submit the order by midnight (EST) May 13th, select the Joe Nall shipping option under custom shipping, and let us do the rest! Just stop by and see us at show center between Tuesday and Friday to pick up your package.

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Help Is Just A Click Away!

Late night programming question? Something weird happening at the field? We can help – but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until the next work day for help. Reach out on the RC Groups Jeti Radio forum. Not only are our techs browsing and answering questions, you may just run into someone with the same experience as you!

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Carbon Jeti Colors and Opale 1.5 Camo – Bring Colors In Your Life

Pair your transmitter with something as equal in beauty and grace. Pair it with an Opale Paramodel. Check out this beautiful Hybrid 1.5 Camo paramodel flown on the stunning Carbon Red Jeti Transmitter.

MSpeed vs MSpeed450 – What do I choose?

Lately we have gotten the question “Which MSpeed sensor do I need?” The answer is – well dependent on you. Both the MSpeed and Mspeed450 use dynamic pressure to measure the true airspeed of your model via a pitot tube. Where they differ, is in the measuring range. The MSpeed will measure airspeed from 25-350 km/h ( 15-215 mph) and the MSpeed450 will measure the airspeed from 80-450 km/h (50-280 mph). So, which one you need, will depend on how fast, or slow, you are flying.

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Jeti Receiver Trays Now In-Stock

Now in-stock at Esprit Tech – Jeti receiver trays! Seven different sizes to chose from. Take a look!

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