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New From Jeti – MRPM HALL Sensor

The Jeti Duplex MRPM HALL sensor provides RPM and power level readings using magnetic Hall Effect and rare earth magnet. The MRPM HALL sensor measures the rotation speed and performance of the rotating surface and provides warnings when pre-set parameters are exceeded. All information is transmitted in real time using Jeti Duplex telemetry system. Read more below.

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New Ditex Servos From Jeti

Our demonstration board came just in time for Joe Nall 2017. Take a look at the new Jeti Ditex Servos. These servos will offer built in telemetry that can be read in real time via your Jeti Transmitter.

New In All Jeti DS-14 Transmitters – Multi-Mode Gimbals

All new Jeti DS-14 Basic and DS-14 Diablo Transmitters will be shipping out with new Multi-Mode Gimbals. For those of you with older versions, you can easily upgrade your gimbals if you choose.

Take a look!

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Video Release – Jeti DS-24 Introduction (The Day The Earth Stood Still)

Check out our introductory video showing off just a few of the DS-24’s features! We are so excited to show you this transmitter, we know it wont disappoint!


Good News Carries Far!

When news of the transmitter bracket handles came out, we knew it would be a topic of interest, but we didn’t expect this!

Check out what Jason Cole of RCGroups has to say about these awesome handles from Jeti!

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Carry Your Transmitter Anywhere w/Ease!

Jeti USA now offers a Handle to help you carry your Jeti Transmitter. Sometimes you just need a better grip on things, and now that is possible with the new Handle. Simply install it into your transmitter brackets!  Available for DS and DC series transmitters. Works on the Transmitter Trays w/Brackets too!

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Florida Jets 2017

Frank Tiano Enterprises brings you Florida Jets 2017! Come see us today through Saturday in Lakeland, Florida. Admission is $10.00 per adult and kids under 12 get in free. With over 200 jets in action, this isn’t a show to be missed! Get more information in the “Full Story” link below.

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Jeti Max Bec 2D Plus

The Jeti Max BEC 2D Plus is a linear voltage regulator that features a magnetic switch and has a large heat-sink to dissipate heat. Read more about the Max Bec 2D below!

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AXi Extreme Motors w/Jeti Telemetry

After many years of research and testing, AXi engineers have developed a brand new line of 3D Extreme brushless motors. The hardened steel shafts, built in prop adapters, integrated cooling fans and pre-installed Jeti telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality. With these motors you can receive Jeti RPM and Temperature telemetry directly from the motor! The AXi 3D Extreme motors are available in 5320, 5325, and 5330 sizes with various KVs. Take a more in-depth look at them through the link below.

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Jeti Transmitters and the Difference

6, 14, 16, 24…Hut?!? All of these numbers are starting to sound like it’s a Sunday night on the football field. So the question is, what are all the differences between the Jeti Transmitter series. Read more as I break down some of the basic differences.


The Jeti DS/DC-24 Transmitters offer triple redundant signal technology by running two 2.4GHz and one 900MHz RF decks. These transmitters are the flagship of the Jeti Line.

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