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CB400 – Oh The Possibilities

The Central Box 400 by Jeti is an amazing device that opens up the door to so many great power distribution options. it is a fully programmable switchboard with two (2) independent stabilized power voltage regulators designed for complete power and signal management of servos with emphasis on safety. When used with Jeti’s line of transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box 400 can be unleashed. Find out more of the features and specs from Jeti USA’s product page in the link below. 

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Hurricane IRMA Release

Esprit Tech and Jeti USA want to take a moment to talk about Hurricane IRMA, the potential effects, and what that will mean. As of now, the storm could impact us directly. Even without a direct hit, there is a still chance we may have some impact, although to what extent is not yet known. As the Governor stated we are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. At this moment we will not be in the office Friday, September 8th, 2017 through Monday, September  11th, 2017 and plan to return on Tuesday, September 12th 2017. Our website will still be up and running, and you may always send emails to us at We will answer them as quickly as we can, but we ask that you please be patient with us, as everything right now is contingent upon the weather. Please check back for more updates as they can be released. For those of you that may be impacted by the storm, stay safe and best of luck thought this storm.

Thank you,

Esprit and Jeti USA Staff

Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program

We get it. Changing systems can be a daunting and an expensive task. That’s why we are here to help. Take advantage of Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program. All of us here are so convinced that you will love the Jeti System, we will even help you switch over. To do that, we are going to buy back your current Futaba, or Spektrum/JR*DSMX receiver at 50% – that is HALF – of current retail value.

Here is how it works:

Send us (with the RMA form found at the link below) your current model receiver and a brief note letting us know it is for the Trade Up Program. Once we receive it here, we will test it. After testing you will be issued a Gift Certificate of half current retail price for you to use on your Jeti receiver purchase. You can find the RMA form here: RETURNS

Eligible receivers: AR12120, AR12020, 9310, 9110, 9020, 8000, 6210, 610, 400
Eligible receivers: Futaba R2006, R2008SB, R6008/6014HS, R617FS, R6206SBW, R6208SB, R7003/7008SB

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any receiver. Must be current model and in clean/working condition.

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2017 Jeti Model Meeting

Another Jeti Model Meeting has come and gone. If you didn’t get over to Czech Heaven, take a look at what was there. Follow the link to view Hepf Modellbau’s Facebook album.

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Photos shared from Hepf Modellbau’s Facebook Album

Winter Is Coming….

With fall and winter quickly approaching and the temperatures dropping, flying outdoors can become unappealing. Jeti USA gives us one more helpful tool with these warm Jeti Winter Jackets. Now, the cold can be a problem of the past!

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Back To The Basics – Updates

Hey guys, wanted to take a minute here and go back to the basics. Remember that it is always important to perform updates to your devices. Keeping all your your devices updated with the latest firmware ensures that they will work together in perfect harmony. For information on all the latest updates check out the page in the full story below. If you have any questions on how to do it, watch the videos posted below!

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Something Special Is In The Works!

We just finished translating the manual for something we think you might enjoy. Take a look at a list of some of the features you can find in the REX Assist Receivers.
● Up to 16 stabilized airplane channels.
● Support for different types of multi-copter – from two motors to 8 motors.
● Up to 3 adjustable flight modes, options for stabilizing the horizon and height.
● Tuning in-flight values with free channels.
● Using the most up-to-date 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometric altimeter.
● Support for external ultrasonic altimeters.
● Support for LED strip consisting of WS2812 chips.
● Support for external camera gimbal.
● Intelligent fail-safe.
● Vibration analysis.
● Full set-up options with DC / DS transmitters or via PC.
● Support of telemetry and up to 3 sensors connected directly.

*REX Assist Receivers Pending FCC Certification

Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution System

The Central Box 100 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety. The Central Box has a unique design that provides overload protection at each servo output. The Central Box can manage up to eight servos and fully supports the Jeti EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus) output can be connected at the same time to the Central Box for complete RF signal redundancy.

With Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz DC/DS transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as an easy way to wirelessly configure the Servo Outputs, EX Telemetry, Fail-Safe Setting or Fast Servo Response.

Fail-Safe Setting
Switches ON/OFF of the Fail-Safe function. If the Fail-Safe function is deactivated, there is no signal generated in any Central Box outputs at the signal loss. If you activate the Fail Safe function, you can also select how the Central Box responds at signal loss for each of the individual outputs.

Servo Mapping
Servo No. – Assigning outputs of the transmitter to the Central Box outputs.
Group – Assigning specific output to the group of output impulses that will be generated from the receiver in the same time.

Duplex Telemetry
Temperature – Temperature of the Central Box
Shorted Outputs No. – Number of Overloaded Outputs
Voltage – Voltage of Individual Outputs of the Central Box
Current – Current Drawn from the Battery
Capacity – Capacity Taken from the Batteries

Receivers For Free!

For a limited time ONLY, purchase from Esprit Model a Jeti DS/DC-16 Carbon or DC-24 Radio System and get a FREE Jeti R9 Duplex Receiver. Hey guys that’s an $89.00 value! While supplies last. Sale is not retroactive. Qualifying purchases only. Deal ends July 16th so hurry!

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Prepare For HUGE Savings!

Free up some cash this summer and take advantage of these great 4th of July Sales. Check out Esprit’s newsletter for more info.

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