Best of Both Worlds

People still fly other radio systems. It is a fact. One we may not like to admit, or even think about, but it is the case. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still utilize a basic Jeti Telemetry System until your ready for your next transmitter upgrade. Take a look at what this creative Spektrum/Jeti user decided to do. Great thinking! Visit the link below to get your telemetry system started today!

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071516 - Jeti-Spk User

2 Responses to Best of Both Worlds

  1. bob says:

    This blog post was of interest to me until I clicked the (full story) link and just got a page of the telemetry products. I was looking for a full story not a product listing. Read More link was unhelpful too.

    You need a video showing how the DX18 owner learned how the Jeti system works, what to buy, and how to get it up and running.

    BTW is broken.

    • Kasi says:

      Hi Bob. This was a photo taken at the show Kentucky Jets and we do not personally know the owner. If you have questions about how the system works, we are more than happy to help you out. Here is a link to a video from our YouTube page on the basics of the Jeti Profi Box. If you still have more questions you can call us at 321.729.4287 or try Thank you for the heads up on the email address. I will have my Tech Team look into it.

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